Betting on your Pride

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Betting on your Pride
Betting on your PrideEpisode36.png
Puchimas 1st Season Episode 36
Original title: ぷらいどをかけて
Romanized title: Puraido o Kakete
Translated title: Betting on your Pride
Airing Date': February 19, 2013
Ending theme: TODAY with METODAY with ME
Previous episode: A Blindingly Bright Forehead
Next episode: What Happens Twice

ぷらいどをかけて is the 36th and it's the two-part episode of the 1st season of the Puchimasu! anime.



Afu (major role)
Harukasan (cameo)

765 Production Idols and Staff

Makoto Kikuchi (major role)
Producer (major role)


This episode begins at 765 Pro during a summer heat wave and because they are conserving energy, they turn off the air conditioner. Makoto Kikuchi can't handle it anymore saying it's so hot. She begs the Producer to go to work since she has a recording today. The Producer agrees saying that the studio would have the air conditioner on. In the foreground Harukasan is standing in front of a fan with her mouth open. The Producer is packed up and ready to go. Makoto notices something rustling in the bag, grabs the Producer by the head and angrily asks him what he dragged back this time. He pulls out a puchidol with short brown hair, a heart for an ahoge and says "Nano!" It turns out to be Afu and Makoto asks why he didn't say so and if her hairstyle changed. The narrator points out that the Producer's face has changed. Producer concludes that it must be the time of year when her hair sheds and grows brown hair. Afu then latches onto the Producer's head and says "Honey!" Producer adds that she's clingy to him and the company president since it started and does not know what to do. Makoto gets a bad feeling and asks why. Afu stares at her, leading Makoto to believe that she reacts to men and it is bad for her since she is the pretty boy idol. She decides to take precautionary measures. She convinces her that she is a girl who looks great in a girlish skirt. Unfortunately for her it doesn't work and Afu latches on Makoto and she says "I figured as much." and cries. The narrator tells Makoto to cheer up. To be continued.


  • This episode realized that in the Summer Afu changes her hair into brown color and her cowlick is heart-shaped, instead of saying "Nano", she cries "Honey!"
  • This episode is based on the Puchimasu! Manga vol.1 chapter 13.A A.