Frederica Miyamoto

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Frederica Miyamoto
Frederica SS.png
Character data
Name: 宮本フレデリカ (Miyamoto Frederica)
Voice actor: 高野麻美 (Takano Asami)
Age: 19
Height: 164 cm
Weight: 46 kg
Birthday: February 14th
Blood type: B
Three sizes: 83-57-85
Handedness: Left
Hobbies: Fashion
Horoscope: Aquarius
Hometown: Paris
Card Type: Cute
Image Color:     
Frederica signature SS.png

Frederica Miyamoto (宮本フレデリカ Miyamoto Furederika?) is an idol available in THE iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls. She is voiced by Asami Takano (高野麻美, Takano Asami) and works at an unnamed talent agency.


Annual Rankings

Event Prelim Rank Final Rank
1st Anniversary Election Unranked Unranked
2nd Anniversary Election Unranked Unranked
3rd Anniversary Election Unranked 40
Voice Idol Audition Not a candidate Not a candidate
4th Anniversary Election ? Unranked
5th Anniversary Election ? Unranked
6th Anniversary Election ? ?

Character Description

A half-French, half-Japanese girl from Paris. She is energetic, stylish, and flirty: sometimes, she will even directly flirt with the Producer.


"Hii♪ I am Frederica Miyamoto. My mum is French and my dad is Japanese, so I'm a half-blood! But I can't speak French at all... Since she started living here, my mum has forgotten to speak French! Ahahaha...isn't this a fun story?"

Game Discography

THE iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls

Frederica is an idol within the Cute category. Her basic card is Rare. Her SR titles are "Litte Devil Maid", "Chocolat Valentine’s/Smile" , "Libre-Mignon" (Freely Cute), "Beach's Mademoiselle", "Cadeau de Noël" (Christmas Present), "CD Debut", and "Lèvre Capricieuse" (Capricious Lips). She has an SSR exclusive to Starlight Stage, titled "Avenue Mode".


Frederica Miyamoto appears as a rival in the STAR OF FESTA mode for Honey Sound, Groovy Tune, and Funky Note. She is a S rank rival who can give her Name Card to the player while in the HARD difficulty. Obtaining her Name Card adds 60 points to the player's score after their performance.

Basic Quotes

Affection Up Comment: "oo-producer, work is really fun~♪"

Affection Max Out Comment: "oo-producer, I'm truly grateful to have you producing me~! I thought I should thank you properly♪"

Leader Comment: "Take this! Garrett Bretonne!"

Greeting: "Hi♪ Producer! Are you happy today?"

Greeting: "oo-producer! Today, I want to take lessons~."

Greeting: "Fuwaa~, at dawn I'm already sleepy."

Greeting: "What are we doing today~?"

Greeting: "oo-producer, today's coordinate is wonderful♪"

Work Complete: "If you leave it to me it'll be perfect♪"

Work Complete: "Good work~!"

Work Complete: "Are you re-ready for work~?"

Work Complete: "What will we do next? A live concert? A lesson? Or ma-y-be me?♪"

After Training

Profile Comment

"I'm the Lovely Angel, Frederica! Today you came really early, ma~ny thanks~~!! As well as everyone, I love you~♪ How was that, Producer? Did I look like a true idol?"


Affection Up Comment: "oo-producer, please produce me foreeever♪"

Affection Max Out Comment: "oo-producer, thanks to helping me reach to here! Thanks to you Frederica became this big~!"

Leader Comment: "Deadly! Biscuit du Savoie~!"

Greeting: "`Funfunfufuunfunfufuu, Frederica♪"

Greeting: "Hi♪ Producer! Are you happy today?"

Greeting: "oo-producer! Today, I want to hold a live concert~."

Greeting: "What are we doing today~?"

Work Complete: "oo-producer, today and tomorrow I'll do my best!"

Work Complete: "If you leave it to me it'll be perfect♪"

Work Complete: "Good work~!"

Work Complete: "oo-producer! As a gift for working so hard I'll give you a kiss♪"

Song Discography

Image Songs

Ki-ma-gu-re☆Cafe au lait!

Recorded Solo Songs

Recorded Group Songs

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