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THE iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls is an anime series slated for airing in January of 2015, and will be an adaptation of the mobile game: THE iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls. It was initially announced at THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS 1st LIVE WONDERFUL M@GIC!! on April 5, 2014. It follows the idols of 346 Production's CINDERELLA PROJECT.

It was recently announced that the series would be split into two cours. The first set of episodes are planned to air from January to April of 2015. The second cour is planned to air from July to September. In the now empty time slot, several stations will air the 2011 anime until Cinderella Girls returns. During this rerun, Million Live! will be giving away free HR cards and new NoMake dramas will be available to Million Live! players under the event name: Platina Friday Night.

Episode List

All subbed episodes can be watched for free, legally, on (Be sure to disable any ad blocker apps on that site in order to watch them).

First Season

01. Who is in the pumpkin carriage?

  • Uzuki Shimamura is an ordinary girl who dreams of being an idol, so she goes to a special training school. One day, a producer for 346 Production shows up with the news that she’s one of three girls chosen for the CINDERELLA PROJECT, even though she didn't pass the audition the first time around. Uzuki is thrilled, but the project can’t start until the other two members are picked… "P" scouts Rin Shibuya, who he has in mind for the second opening. However, Rin isn't interested in becoming an idol and turns him down flat…

02. I never seen such a beautiful castle

  • Uzuki and Rin come to 346 Production for the first time. They meet the final member who won the idol version of a "second chance sweepstakes", Mio Honda, as well as the 12 other eccentric members, and thus the project can finally start. The first job for the three newcomers is to do a publicity shoot, but their nervousness threatens to derail the whole thing. Somehow, they get through it, and well enough to impress super-idol Mika Jougasaki, who suddenly hires the trio to be her backup dancers for an upcoming concert!

03. A ball is resplendent, enjoyable, and...

  • Utsuki, Rin, and Mio start taking lessons to train to be Mika's back dancers. It’s a long, hard struggle, but thanks to the encouragement of the other project members, they somehow make it. But the pressure of being on stage for the first time has stressed the trio out so much that even the final rehearsal doesn't go well. Will they be able to get it together for the actual concert?

04. Everyday life, really full of joy!

  • Uzuki, Rin, and Mio have been tapped to film the CINDERELLA PROJECT's PR video. They go around filming their fellow members on a handy cam, a few of whom are challenging subjects. But after the video is done, P makes an important announcement!

05. I don't want to become a wallflower

  • Two units are going to make their debut, one with Uzuki, Rin, and Mio, the other with Minami and Anastasia. They all become busy with lessons to prepare for their mini-concert debut. However, Miku's frustrations boil over dangerously when her own debut can't be seen on the horizon.

06. Finally, our day has come!

  • Uzuki, Rin, and Mio are the members of "new generations", while Minami and Anastasia make up "LOVE LAIKA". A mini-concert to promote their respective debut CDs is planned, and the members of both units are preparing with interviews, fitting sessions, and the like. Minami and Anastasia are extremely nervous since it’ll be their first time performing on stage, but they do their best to prepare by working together and training a lot. Meanwhile, the members of "new generations" can’t wait to have another onstage experience like they did with Mika. The day of their first concert finally comes, but what do the members see when they look out over the stage..?

07. I wonder where I find the light I shine...

  • P fails to chase after Mio when she runs out of the office. This makes Rin and the other project members distrust P's attitude and what he means to do on his own. Then Rin leaves the project too, and it looks like the whole thing may fall apart. P pays a visit to Uzuki, who had the misfortune of catching a cold at this critical time, but her smile and unflagging dream of becoming an idol strengthens P's resolve to bring Mio and Rin back into the fold. Meanwhile, the other members hear about how P became cowardly in the way he interacts with the idols after a past incident...

08. I want you to know my hidden heart.

  • As summer rolls around, P and the idols become closer, while the project moves along nicely. And for Ranko, it's especially nice, as she gets to make her CD debut next. However, there's a major gap between the image Ranko has crafted for herself and the way P perceives that image. He makes an effort to understand her, and she does her best to communicate with him, but will they be able to reach a middle ground?

09. “Sweet” is a magical word to make you happy!

  • Kanako, Chieri, and Anzu make their unit debut as "CANDY ISLAND". However, Anzu states that she doesn't want to work. Kanako is laid-back and does everything at her own pace, and Chieri is so nervous about an audience watching her that she can’t look at them. The unit seems iffy from the get-go, but the three of them are invited to appear on a variety show hosted by Mizuki Kawashima and Airi Totoki. Preoccupied by the audience’s gaze, the newly-minted trio has zero teamwork as they face off against three other idols. It doesn't help when a terrifying "punishment" is announced beforehand for whichever team loses!

10. Our world is full of joy!!

  • The trio of Rika, Miria, and Kirari make their debut as "Decoration" and even do a tie-in with the fashion brand "Pika Pika Pop". The unit does fine with a PR event, but P feels they can involve the audience more. While thinking of ways to do just that, the trio takes a breather in Harajuku, but when P gets separated from them, both sides look in all the wrong places for each other. The clock is ticking too, since the next event starts soon, so never mind engaging the audience, "Decoration" may miss the whole thing!

11. Can you hear my voice from the heart?

  • Miku Maekawa and Riina Tada are going to make their debut as CINDERELLA PROJECT's final unit. However, Miku aims to be a cute, cat-eared idol, while Riina's goal is to become a cool rock idol. The two are like oil and water, and both are strongly opposed to the unit idea. But when their participation in the units-only summer festival is on the line, they make an effort to get on the same wavelength, starting with becoming roommates!

12. The magic needed for a flower to bloom.

  • With their participation in the summer fest decided, the project members work hard taking lessons at a camp. But when P has to leave for another duty, Minami is given the camp coordinator role. Aside from performing their own solo unit songs, the members also have to learn a new group song but have a rough time trying to get in sync with each other with the choreography. Seeing them struggle, Minami suddenly cancels the group lesson... and initiates an athletic meet under the guise of a "special program"!

13. It's about time to become Cinderella girls!

  • The summer fest is here at last. All of the project members are nervous about performing on the grand stage, but their rehearsals go smoothly thanks to Minami's leadership. But then Minami collapses from accumulated stress. Ranko does an emergency fill in for Minami with "LOVE LAIKA" and somehow, the rest of the CINDERELLA PROJECT's performances go off without a hitch... until a sudden downpour causes the rest of the concert to be canceled!

Second Season

14. Who is the lady in the castle?

  • It's been a month since the idol festival and the 346 Production CINDERELLA PROJECT idols are expanding the scope of their activities and grow one step at a time. It's smooth sailing for P until a suspicious figure seems to follow him wherever he goes. Does P have a stalker!? In between jobs, the idols take turns guarding him. And then a woman who was working abroad for a company affiliated with 346 Production returns to Tokyo to take charge of the company's idol division. But what startling new policy does Executive Director Mishiro announce!?

15. When the spell is broken...

  • Executive Director Mishiro announces that the division is going to start anew and cancels all current projects. Furthermore, she proclaims that she will pick the idols as part of one grand project. Her policies are very different from that of P, the CINDERELLA PROJECT, and other departments within the company. There's a lot of anxiety as idols are driven out of offices they've always been in and relocated, while P works hard to protect their department by presenting a plan in place of hers. Then Executive Mishiro calls 346 Production's top idol, Kaede Takagaki, in for a private meeting!?

16. The light shines in my heart.

  • The project that P proposes to Executive Director Mishiro is called "Cinderella's Ball: Power of Smile." It's meant to be a complex event that will showcase the idols' individual strengths. Though Mishiro's proposal runs completely counter to this idea, she gives P permission to run with it. P and the idols will be able to prevent the gutting of their division if they show results within a certain time frame. The CINDERELLA PROJECT idols are happy about this reprieve, but idols in other departments, particularly those whose strong suit is with variety shows, find themselves facing changes due to Mishiro's course of action. And one of them is the eccentric Nana Abe, who claims to be from the planet Usamin! Cat character idol Miku worries about getting the ax, while Riina worries about Miku...

17. Where does this road lead to?

  • In order to keep the CINDERELLA PROJECT going and the "Cinderella's Ball" project a success, P and the idols feel they have to both up their game and increase their name recognition. With the cooperation of other departments, they start a new TV variety show called "Totokira Academy," and Decoration become regulars on the program. Meanwhile, Executive Director Mishiro is after Mika to change her image. Though Mika doesn't like it, she thinks of her department and younger colleagues and does her best. But on the set of Totokira Academy, Rika doesn't like how Mika is being asked to change her image, and the two sisters get into a fight. When Miria is depressed too, Kirari and the other idols worry about both of their own. At this rate, can the TV show be a success!?

18. A little bit of courage shows your way.

  • After Totokira Academy gets off to a popular start, CANDY ISLAND makes a guest appearance on the show. Chieri and Kanako are so nervous that they act stiff, but with Anzu's casual support, they make it through the taping. The staff loves the stark differences between Anzu and Kirari and gives them a new recurring segment, "Anki Ranking." Chieri and Kanako agree to do to a taped interview for that segment, but Anzu worries about them in her own way. Seeing how hard everyone is working for the upcoming ball, Chieri and Kanako get fired up, but their nervousness prevents their true talent from coming out, and the interview becomes a hard battle...

19. If you're lost, let's sing aloud!

  • Miku and Riina are concerned with improving as a unit to get ready for "Cinderella's Ball", despite their usual clashes over the direction of the unit. Meanwhile, Riina becomes friends with a rock idol she admires, Natsuki Kimura, whom Executive Director Mishiro has invited to join a new rock-idol unit. Connecting with Natsuki, who is devoted to rock, makes Riina remember how much she loves it too. Riina is torn over what she wants to do. Miku picks up on the fact that Riina isn't her usual self and worries about her partner, but decides to wait until she is ready to talk...

20. Which way should I go to get to the castle?

  • Executive Director Mishiro's new project, "Project: Krone", begins.

It consists of idols who are directly handpicked by the executive director herself. Meanwhile, P is suddenly informed that the CINDERELLA PROJECT is going to come under review at 346 Production's fall festival. The idols are shaken to learn that if their performance at the concert isn't deemed up to snuff, Executive Director Mishiro won't wait until the winter ball but will disband the department immediately. As chaos and confusion spread, Rin and Anastasia are picked for Project: Krone!

21. Crown for each.

  • Anastasia is positive and determined about participating in Project: Krone. But then Mio suddenly announces she's going solo. Meanwhile Rin still can't decide whether to take part in Triad Primus. Amidst all these changes, they strive to find their own paths. Under the circumstances, it seems like all the previous units and projects will be disbanded, which causes the CINDERELLA PROJECT members no end of anxiety and upset. The idols decide to band together to make the fall fest a success, but can they?

22. The best place to see the stars.

  • The fall fest held by 346 Production has begun at last. The CINDERELLA PROJECT idols are each determined in their own way and fired up as they face the concert. Per P's decision, new generations is sitting the concert out, but Mio and Uzuki are on hand as staff to support the others, while Rin performs with Karen and Nao to make their concert debut as Triad Primus. Meanwhile, Anastasia performs solo for the first time on stage and all the other CINDERELLA PROJECT idols shine more than ever. On the other hand, it's the first time for the Project: Krone idols to be on stage. Their nervousness reaches its peak right as they're about to go on...

23. Glass Slippers.

  • With the fall fest finished, the CINDERELLA PROJECT members have ascended another stair. But when Uzuki suffers a crisis of confidence, she tells P that she wants to go back to the basics and subsequently returns to training school. Feeling that something is off, P frequently visits Uzuki at the school to keep an eye on her, but she sticks to her usual line of "I'll do my best." P doesn't think Uzuki is heading in the right direction, so he sets up a Christmas concert for New Generations and entreats her to re-enter the fold there. However, Uzuki doesn't show any enthusiasm for the plan. When P tells Rin and Mio about Uzuki's condition, they become anxious and go to the training school to see how she really feels. They find that Uzuki has lost her former dazzling smile...

24. Barefoot Girl.

  • Uzuki has lost sight of herself and lost her smile, but Mio and Rin still believe in her, so they wait for Uzuki to come around. In response to her friends' faith, Uzuki visits 346 PRO, but she still has no good answer to the indecision that's inside her. Mio and Rin decide to watch over Uzuki, who remains in doubt even as she takes a lesson at the office. Afterwards, the other members on the scene share their various feelings as colleagues, friends, and idols. The encounter makes Uzuki think about what she's currently missing. And then it's Christmas Eve. P picks Uzuki up and they head over to the concert venue, but stop off at a certain place along the way...

25. Cinderella Girls at the Ball.

  • After performing on Christmas Eve, Uzuki became determined to become an idol again. The next event is "Cinderella's Ball - Power of Smile -." Can any girl become a Cinderella? Does magic exist? And what are "idols"? With all of those thoughts in mind, everyone's performance begins.

26. Anytime, Anywhere with Cinderella.

Song Appearances

  • Star!! (Opening theme, Episode 2-6, 8-12, 14) (sung by: CINDERELLA PROJECT)
  • Yuubae Present (Ending theme, Episode 2-5, 7, 13) (sung by: CINDERELLA PROJECT)
  • Shine!! (Opening theme, Episode 15-23, 26) (sung by: CINDERELLA PROJECT)
  • Yumeiro Harmony (Ending theme, Episode 14-16, 20-22, 26) (sung by: CINDERELLA PROJECT)

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Primary Cast

The anime focuses on the story of the new generations trio as they are recruited to be the final members of the CINDERELLA PROJECT. This section lists the 14 members of the project, along with support staff who work with them on this transformative journey into stardom.

Anzu Futaba Chieri Ogata Kanako Mimura Miku Maekawa Uzuki Shimamura
Ranko Kanzaki Riina Tada Anastasia Minami Nitta Rin Shibuya
Kirari Moroboshi Rika Jougasaki Miria Akagi Mio Honda
Producer Chihiro Senkawa


new generations
Uzuki Shimamura Rin Shibuya Mio Honda
Minami Nitta Anastasia
Rosenburg Engel
Ranko Kanzaki
Anzu Futaba Kanako Mimura Chieri Ogata
Kirari Moroboshi Rika Jougasaki Miria Akagi
* (Asterisk)
Miku Maekawa Riina Tada

Secondary Cast

Any character who is not part of the primary cast but is essential to the major story arc will be listed here. This includes characters involved in personal story arcs, antagonists, or roadblocks. Characters listed here must be seen to be active within the narrative structure, and must be key for story or character growth, whether directly or indirectly. If they do not satisfy these conditions, please list them in the Sightings and Easter Eggs section instead.

Major Idols

The following characters are established idols from 346 Productions. They act as the mentors and seniors of the girls in the Cinderella Project, and function as friendly rivals. In episode 2, Mika Jougasaki describes their troupe as being 'with a different department'. She also reveals that they have their own producer. As of episode 3, we learn that some members are part of their own unique and separate units.

Cute Idols
Sae rare.jpg
Mayu Sakuma Miho Kohinata Sachiko Koshimizu Nana Abe Sae Kobayakawa

Cool Idols
Nao kamiya normalv2.jpg
Koume Shirasaka Kaede Takagaki Mizuki Kawashima Nao Kamiya Karen Hojo

Passion Idols
Airi rare.jpg
Airi Totoki Mika Jougasaki Akane Hino Yuko Hori Aiko Takamori Syoko Hoshi Natsuki Kimura

Happy Princess Mika Jougasaki Mizuki Kawashima Mayu Sakuma Akane Hino Miho Kohinata
Trivia: Although the live consists of five idols, text on the posters seen in episode 3 do not list Akane Hino as a member.


Executive Director Mishiro.png
Manager Rookie Trainer Veteran Trainer Mishiro Executive Director

Sightings and Easter Eggs

Please note that the following may contain spoilers.

The anime contains an impressive list of references and name drops. This section hopes to catalog and categorize all sightings within the anime. They may range from simple sight gags or easter eggs to more active roles (actual scenes). This list is mainly for those characters which are unlikely to show up for more than just an ancillary role or a mention, and will not include any of the characters already listed in previous sections.


  • Please check to see if the character is already listed. If so, simply add a new 'sighting', rather than making an extra entry.
  • If characters show up within the same context, it is okay to group them together in a single entry.
  • If you wish to add a sighting here, please try your best to identify the episode and time within the episode of the sighting, along with a brief description of where the character shows up in that scene. If they are animated within the scene (as opposed to being a still image or a moving advertisement on TV), please write 'Scene:' as the description, followed by their action within the scene. Feel free to add any additional Trivia that is pertinent to references to other iDOLM@STER brands or within Cinderella Girls itself.
  • The difference between a secondary character and an ancillary character is their purpose and use within the story narrative. If they are effecting a major change within the plot arc or a character's personal arc, or act as an element within those arcs, they belong to the previous section. If they are merely in the scene to provide humor, give information, or act as an exposition dump, then they belong in this section.
  • Characters will be moved from this section to the secondary character section as necessary, if their roles grow through the showing of the anime.

List of Sightings

  • Cute Idols
    • Kanna Ariura
      • Scene: Photoshoot (top right) (Episode 6 - 11:34)
    • Mirei Hayasaka
      • Scene: Photoshoot (right) (Episode 6 - 11:33)
    • Kurumi Ohnuma
      • Scene: Variety Show with Shizuku Oikawa (Quiz Section) (Episode 9 - 17:13)
    • Yukari Mizumoto
      • Scene: Passerby with Yuka Nakano and Noriko Shiina (Episode 10 - 9:38)
    • Yuka Nakano
      • Scene: Passerby with Yukari Mizumoto and Noriko Shiina (Episode 10 - 9:38)
    • Noriko Shiina
      • Scene: Passerby with Yuka Nakano and Yukari Mizumoto (Episode 10 - 9:38)
    • Rina Fujimoto
      • Scene: Dressing room with Yui Ohtsuki and Mika Jougasaki (Episode 10 - 13:22)
    • Karin Domyoji
      • Scene: Performing a purification ritual on the Producer (Episode 14 - 9:19)
    • Momoka Sakurai
      • Scene: In the dressing room with Kaoru Ryuzaki, Rika Jougasaki, and Miria Akagi (9:02)
      • Scene: On the show Totokira Academy (Episode 17 - 10:38)
    • Mai Fukuyama
      • Scene: On the show Totokira Academy (Episode 17 - 10:38)
    • Koharu Koga
      • Scene: On the show Totokira Academy (Episode 17 - 10:38)

  • Cool Idols
    • Asuka Ninomiya
      • Scene: On banner (Episode 1 - 15:32)
      • Scene: Photoshoot next to (Kanna Ariura) (Episode 6 - 11:28)
      • Scene: Next to (Koume Shirasaka) (Episode 25 - 17:55)
    • Haruna Kamijo
      • Scene: In magazine (Episode 1 - 12:46)
      • Scene: In a meeting about reducing the amount of variety show work (Episode 16 - 10:20)
    • Aki Yamato
      • Scene: Talking with Kaede Takagaki in front of "Mishiro Cafe" (Episode 5 - 17:58)
    • Layla
      • Scene: Photoshoot by the man with a beige shirt (Episode 6 - 11:28)
    • Ryo Matsunaga
      • Scene: Photoshoot (next to Otoha Umeki) (Episode 6 - 11:28)
    • Otoha Umeki
      • Scene: Photoshoot (top center) (Episode 6 - 11:28)
    • Nao Kamiya
      • Scene: Leaving a Festival with Karen Hojo (Episode 13 - 20:20)
    • Karen Hojo
      • Scene: Leaving a Festival with Nao Kamiya (Episode 13 - 20:20)
    • Tamami Wakiyama
      • Cheering on Ayame Hamaguchi on a variety show (Episode 16 - 6:30)
      • In a meeting about reducing the amount of variety show work (Episode 16 11:21)
    • Yukimi Sajo
      • Scene: On the show Totokira Academy (Episode 17 - 10:38)

  • Passion Idols
    • Yui Ohtsuki
      • Scene: Training room bulletin board (Episode 1 - 2:59)
      • Scene: Billboard (Episode 7 - 19:09)
      • Scene: Dressing room with Rina Fujimoto and Rika Jougasaki (Episode 10 - 13:22)
    • Suzuho Ueda
      • Scene: Billboard (Episode 1 - 20:45)
      • Scene: Dorm cafeteria (Episode 8 - 11:48)
      • Scene: A skit on a variety show with Nina Ichihara and Suzuho Ueda (Episode 16 - 7:25)
      • Scene: In a meeting about reducing the amount of variety show work (Episode 16 11:21)
    • Shizuku Oikawa
      • Scene: Walking past with Yuko Hori (Episode 2 - 9:49)
      • Scene: At a police officer promotional event with Yuko Hori and Sanae Katagiri (Episode 5 - 12:30)
      • Scene: Variety Show with Kurumi Ohnuma (onscreen) (Episode 9 - 17:13)
    • Takumi Mukai
      • Scene: On a movie poster on the left (Episode 4 - 8:44)
    • Sanae Katagiri
      • Scene: At a police officer promotional event with Yuko Hori and Shizuku Oikawa (Episode 5 - 12:30)
    • Ayame Hamaguchi
      • Scene: Photoshoot (bottom-right) (Episode 6 - 11:28)
    • Reina Koseki
      • Scene: Photoshoot (bottom-center) (Episode 6 - 11:28)
      • Scene: Variety Show (Quiz Section) (Episode 9 - 19:24)
    • Emi Namba
      • Scene: Dorm cafeteria (Episode 8 - 11:48)
      • Scene: A skit on a variety show with Nina Ichihara and Suzuho Ueda (Episode 16 - 7:25)
    • Yuki Himekawa
      • Scene: Variety Show with Sachiko Koshimizu and Sae Kobayakawa (Episode 9)
    • Nina Ichihara
      • Scene: On the show Totokira Academy (Episode 17 - 10:38)
    • Kaoru Ryuzaki
      • Scene: In the dressing room with Momoka Sakurai, Rika Jougasaki, and Miria Akagi (Episode 17 - 9:02)
      • Scene: On the show Totokira Academy (Episode 17 - 10:38)


Onegai! Cinderella

To commemorate the second anniversary of the game, an official anime PV was posted on November 28, 2013. Rin Shibuya, Anzu Futaba, Kanako Mimura, Kaede Takagaki, Rika Jougasaki, Ranko Kanzaki, Miku Maekawa, Kirari Moroboshi, Mika Jougasaki, Uzuki Shimamura, Miho Kohinata, Riina Tada, Airi Totoki, Mizuki Kawashima, Mio Honda, Akane Hino, Miria Akagi, Nana Abe, Minami Nitta, Sachiko Koshimizu, Mayu Sakuma, Koume Shirasaka, Chieri Ogata, Anastasia, Aiko Takamori, Nina Ichihara, Syoko Hoshi, Nao Kamiya, Karen Houjou and Momoka Sakurai all appeared within the PV.

In addition, an updated version played at THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS 1st LIVE WONDERFUL M@GIC!! to officially announce the anime. At the time, not all of the girls had an official voice and the song was sung only by the girls who were featured in the Onegai! Cinderella single. Eventually, all of the idols (with the exception of Momoka Sakurai) were given voice actresses and single CDs.

Key Art

4 pieces of key art were released monthly featuring the following:

Message PV

In addition to the Onegai! Cinderella promotional video, a second PV was released using the song Message. Within it, the members of the New Generations appeared as they would in the anime. Uzuki Shimamura, Rin Shibuya, and Mio Honda were the only characters from Cinderella Girls to appear.


  • Director: Takao Noriko (高雄統子)
  • Character Design: Yusuke Matsuo (松尾祐輔)
  • Series Structure: Takao Noriko (高雄統子), Tatsuya Takahashi (高橋龍也)
  • Animation Studio: A-1 Pictures


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