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This is Clarice's profile page. For her Cinderella Girls' card data, click here.

Clarice is one of the available idols to be produced in the mobile game THE iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls. She is a nun, who sings in order to help her church, and bring spiritual healing to her fans.

Statistics and Biographies


Cinderella Girls Statistics

  1. First Card
  • Before Special Training
Cinderella Girls character data
Name: クラリス (Clarice)
Age: 20
Height: 166 cm
Weight: 45 kg
Birthday: August 26
Blood type: AB
Three sizes: 80-55-82
Hobbies: Volunteering
Card Type: Cute
Rarity: Rare
Level Cap: 40
Affection Limit: 30
Level 1 Attack: 1100 (137:1 Cost Ratio)
Maximum Attack Value:  ???
Level 1 Defense: 980 (122:1 Cost Ratio)
Maximum Defense Value:  ???
Cost: 8
Transfer Fee: 2900
Skill: 聖なる歌声 (Holy voice) (Attack up to cute types)
How to Obtain: Rival Battle
  • After Special Training
Card Type: Cute
Rarity: Rare+
Level Cap: 50
Affection Limit: 150
Level 1 Attack: 1320 (165:1 Cost Ratio)
Level 1 Attack (Special Training MAX):  ???
Maximum Attack Value:  ???
Level 1 Defense: 1176 (147:1 Cost Ratio)
Level 1 Defense (Special Training MAX):  ???
Maximum Defense Value:  ???
Cost: 8
Transfer Fee: 4350
Skill: 聖なる歌声 (Holy voice) (Attack up to cute types)


Cinderella Girls biography

I am very thankful for having the chance of meeting you. To save the church, and to bring these unhappy times to a halt, I will sing. I think music can bring joy to people, for me at least, there is nothing that brings me more joy than singing...

Clarice's base form's profile comment


Clarice, as a nun, wants nothing but to bring joy into people's lives. She believes songs can cure people's hearts and bring happiness into their lives; which is her reason for wanting to become an idol in the first place. She is rather reserved, something that reflects through her second form's outfit, whereas most other idols show a bit more skin on their idol forms, Clarice remains wearing conservative clothes.

Game Discography

THE iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls

  • Clarice currently has one set of cards in the game.
  • Some people speculate she may be blind, and has been depicted that way in fanart, but it has yet to be confirmed or denied.

Trivia and Fan Culture


  • Clarice is very similar to the character Double from Skullgirls.

Fan Culture

iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Cards