Jet to the Future

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Jet to the Future
Jet to the Future Logo.jpg
General song data
Original title: Jet to the Future
Romanized title: Jet to the Future
Translated title: Jet to the Future
Composer: IMAJO
Lyricist: Yoshie Isogai
Arranger: IMAJO
BPM: 180

Jet to the Future is an original song appearing on THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls: Starlight Stage. It is performed by Riina Tada and Natsuki Kimura as the unit Rock the Beat.


Kanji Lyrics Romanized Lyrics Translated Lyrics

Breakin' Through 準備はOK?
加速してく 情熱を 解き放て 未来へ

Breakin' Through junbi wa OK?
Kasoku shiteku jounetsu o tokihanate mirai e

Are you ready to break through?
Release your passion and accelerate to the future

理屈じゃないよ “好き” のパワーは
単純に強い光 信じて Let's Fly!

Riyuu hoshigaru yowasa nante
Yoru no katasumi ni oiteiku no sa
Rikutsu janai yo "suki" no PAWAA wa
Tanjun ni tsuyoi hikari shinjite Let's Fly!

Wanting a reason is a weakness
I left it in the corner of the night and moved on
There's no reason for the power of "love"
Let's believe in that simple, strong light and fly

Heart のエンジン 熱いBeat に身をまかせ
高く 高く 成層圏突き抜け
Make a Sensation! Oh Yeah!

Heart no ENJIN atsui Beat ni mi o makase
Takaku takaku seisouken tsukinuke
Make a Sensation! Oh Yeah!

Leave yourself to the burning beat of your heart's engine
Higher and higher, pierce through the stratosphere
Make a sensation! Oh yeah!

Starry Heavens 音の粒が
弾け飛んで きらめいて フレーズになる
Breakin' Through 準備はOK?
重なり合う 情熱で 今を刻んで

Starry Heavens oto no tsubu ga
Hajike tonde kirameite FUREEZU ni naru
Breakin' Through junbi wa OK?
Kasanariau jounetsu de ima o kizande

Starry heavens, a single note
Blasts off, sparkles, and becomes a phrase
Are you ready to break through?
As our passions come together, carve this moment into your mind

ツバサ広げて 次のフェイズへ
行こう!一緒に 乗り込め Jet to the Future

Tsubasa hirogete tsugi no FEIZU e
Ikou! Issho ni norikome Jet to the Future

Spread your wings and go toward the next phase
Let's go! We'll board together on the jet to the future


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