Jiro Yamashita

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Jiro Yamashita
SideM character data
Name: 山下次郎 (Yamashita Jiro)
Voice actor: 中島ヨシキ (Nakajima Yoshiki)
Age: 30
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Shoe Size: 27 kg
Birthday: September 1st
Blood type: O
Hobbies: Visiting cat cafes, Horse races
Skills: Radio calisthenics
Handedness: Right
Horoscope: Virgo
Hometown: Ishikawa
Ex-Job: Chemistry Teacher
Card Type: Intelligent
Image Color:     
Jiro signature.png

Jiro Yamashita (山下次郎 Yamashita Jiro) is one of the available idols in the mobile game THE iDOLM@STER: SideM. He is voiced by Yoshiki Nakajima (中島ヨシキ Nakajima Yoshiki).


Annual Rankings

Event Prelim Rank Final Rank
1st Anniversary Election 02 02
2nd Anniversary Election No Ranking No Ranking


Character Description and Personality

Jiro is a 30 year old ex-science teacher. He represents the "S" for Science in S.E.M. He resigned after hearing about Michio Hazama’s dream to become an idol. While he was hesitant on leaving, he perked up to the idea once it was mentioned how much money they could possibly make. Jiro is very lax and kind of a slob. He often uses the school’s science equipment to brew his coffee, which Michio has to scold him for. When him, Rui, and Michio first began auditioning for becoming idols and failed many times, he was going to give up until Michio admitted to him that he felt bad for dragging him and Rui Maita into his own dream of becoming an idol. Jiro comments that even if they had stayed teachers, they wouldn’t be living that extravagantly. Despite his appearance and claims that he only cares about getting rich, he does have a few soft spots. He usually gets bashful once someone notices. During the "Osu! Idol Cheering Squad!” Event, he makes time in a busy schedule to go see a young fan’s little league game. Once the boy notices him, he hides himself behind his newspaper. He is shown to be quite bad with handling his appearance, but Michio comments that when he cleans up and stands up straight, he looks quite dashing.

Game Discography

Song Discography

Image Songs

GOLD ~No.79~

Recorded Solo Songs

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Trivia and Fan Culture


  • Jiro was ranked as the second most popular character in the first election of THE iDOLM@STER: SideM.
  • He is also a bit of a gambler, as he often mentions going to the racetrack.
  • His love of horses may have been stemmed from his gambling.

Fan Culture

  • Due to their forte in chemistry, fans have often paired Jiro up with Shiki Ichinose.

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