Kiss Me Good-Bye

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Kiss Me Good-Bye
General song data
Original title: Kiss Me Good-Bye
Romanized title: Kiss Me Good-Bye
Translated title: Kiss Me Good-Bye
Composer: Nobuo Uematsu
Lyricist: Angela Aki
Original Arranger: Kenichiro Fukui
Original Artist: Angela Aki
iM@S Cover Data
iM@S Arranger: Takenaka Fumikazu
Covered by: Azusa Miura

Kiss Me Good-Bye is a request song for THE IDOLM@STER MASTER ARTIST 07. It was requested for Azusa Miura.

Kiss Me Good-Bye was originally sung by Angela Aki. It is the main theme song to one of the latest entries in the renowned Final Fantasy RPG franchise, Final Fantasy XII. The melody to the song was composed by the the man behind the music for most of the Final Fantasy games, now-legendary video game composer Nobuo Uematsu.


Japanese/Kanji Lyrics Romanized Lyrics Translated Lyrics


anata wa mayotte ite mo
doa wa hirai te iru yo
futari no sekai dake de wa
mitasa re nai no deshou?

When you’re wandering about
open up the door
our world
doesn’t satisfy you, does it?


hane wo ageru kara shinji te tobe ba ii

If you spread your wings, believe, and you can fly

Kiss me good-bye,love's memory

Kiss me good-bye, love's memory
anata wo ushinatte mo
aishi ta kioku ga tsuyo sa ni kawaru kara

Kiss me good-bye, love’s memory
I may have lost you
the memories of love have made me strong


tashika na mono wo sagashite
dare mo ga koisuru ga

You’re searching for certainty
the thing that everybody loves


yuruga nai ai ha jibun no naka ni aru

An unwavering love, is always within yourself

Kiss me good-bye, さようなら

Kiss me good-bye, sayounara
atarashii watashi ni kawaru

Kiss me good-bye, farewell my dear
I’ve changed into a new me

Kiss me good-bye...

Kiss me good-bye...

Kiss me good-bye...

Kiss me good-bye,love's memory

Kiss me good-bye, love's memory
atarashii dare ni kawaru nara

Kiss me good-bye, love’s memory
If only we could change into a new couple

Kiss me good-bye 泣かない

Kiss me good-bye naka nai
anata wo aise ta kara

Kiss me good-bye, I won’t cry
Because you can be loved again


anata wo aise ta kara

Because you can be loved again