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File:MiyukiYanaseSRare1.jpg|S Rare Card
File:MiyukiYanaseSRare1.jpg|S Rare Card
File:MiyukiYanaseSRare+1.jpg|S Rare+ Card
File:MiyukiYanaseSRare+1.jpg|S Rare+ Card
File:MiyukiYanaseSRare2.jpg|S Rare Card
File:MiyukiYanaseSRare2+.jpg|S Rare+ Card

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Miyuki Yanase
iM@S CG Character Data
Name: 柳瀬美由紀 (Yanase Miyuki)
Voice actor: Unvoiced
Age: 14
Height: 144 cm
Weight: 33 kg
Birthday: March 16
Blood type: O
Three sizes: 75-54-77 cm
Handedness: Right
Hobbies: Collecting Stuffed Animals
Horoscope: Pisces
Hometown: Hokkaido
Card Type: Cute

Miyuki Yanase (柳瀬美由紀 Yanase Miyuki) is an idol available in THE iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls. Her basic card is Normal and it can be obtained as one of the initial work cards. She later received four Rare card sets and a S Rare card set with the title "Summer-Colored Girl".

Character Description

Miyuki is a passionate lover of teddy bears and other stuffed toys. She's always either carrying a teddy bear or wearing her bear necklace. She wears it in all cards except her Halloween and Doll Festival rares.

In the tie in Cinderella Girls Theater skits, Miyuki is a bright and excitable young girl. She loves plushies and soft, similar things such as mascot costumes. She is usually depicted as searching for her friends or the Producer, and her family has sent her to work with a crab before. She was notably terrified by Syoko Hoshi on Halloween, and she seems to like Nina Ichihara’s sleeping face.


"I'm Miyuki Yanase, 14 years old. I still don't really know my way around my map of this city... And I don't really have anyone I know other than Producer-san... Um, is it okay if I rely on you for a bit?"

Basic Quotes

After Training

Profile Comment