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THE iDOLM@STER M@STER SPECIAL 02 is a music album released on 2009年3月4 at the price of ¥2,200 by Columbia Entertainment Japan. It features songs by Ritsuko Akizuki and the Futami Twins, as well as karaoke and talk (トーク) tracks.

Track List

01.livE 歌:秋月律子
02.黎明スターライン 歌:双海亜美/真美
04.Resolution 歌:秋月律子
05.青空のナミダ 歌:双海亜美/真美
07.サニー 歌:双海亜美/真美
08.shiny smile(M@STER VERSION) 歌:秋月律子
09.トーク03 song(REM@STER-A) 歌:秋月律子&双海亜美/真美
12.L・O・B・M 歌:双海亜美/真美&秋月律子
13.livE オリジナル・カラオケ
14.黎明スターライン オリジナル・カラオケ

Romanized Track List

01. livE (sung by: Ritsuko Akizuki)
02. 黎明 Strain (sung by: The Futami Twins
03. Talk 01
04. Resolution (sung by: Ritsuko Akizuki
05. Aozora no namida (sung by: The Futami Twins)
06. Talk 02
07. Sunny (sung by:The Futami Twins)
08. shiny smile (M@STER VERSION) (sung by: Ritsuko Akizuki)
09. Talk 03
10. my song (REM@STER-A) (sung by: Ritsuko Akizuki and The Futami Twins
11. Talk 04
12. L・O・B・M (sung by: Ritsuko Akizuki and The Futami Twins
13. livE (Original Karaoke)
14. 黎明 Strain (Original Karaoke)
15. Bonus Track Talk

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