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ok here is a model/template for adding to the biography and quote sections of sideM pages

I've found that there is actually an unused sideM quotes template Template:SideMQuotes so theoretically we could try to edit it to make it work with this one, or we could just make a new template. i'm open for whatever but for now i think using my model should be fine -Miriamiracle (talk) 04:22, 27 September 2016 (CEST)

I guess I'm making Hideo the model page for SideM pages with more translated canon content. I want to have a standardized basic quotes format like Cinderella Girls but I'm just wondering if there's a point where there's too many quotes. Based on the JP sideM wiki ( I have it like (this is long):
SideM Idol File
Reason for Becoming an Idol:
Personal Motto:
Plans for the Future:
Regarding Unit Members:


Basic Quotes
Self Introduction: (Album quotes for Initial Card)
Scout: (Initial Card)
Change!: (Initial Card)
Event Login:
Pre-Live: Pre-Audition Battle:
My Desk (Reliability 0%):
My Desk (Reliability 5%):
My Desk (Reliability 30%):
My Desk (Reliability MAX):
Work (Reliability 0%):
Work (Reliability MAX):
Reliability UP:
Reliability MAX:
Conversation Chance:
Break Time:
Audition Battle Prep:
Audition Battle:
Program Audition Battle Prep:
Program Audition Battle (Opponent):
Program Audition Battle (Your team):
Audition (Support):
Audition Victory:
Audition Defeat:
Live Prep:
Live Continuation:
Live Success:

Conversations with Unit Members
Member A

Member B

That's pretty long, though I know some wikis like KanColle do include all lines, but project-imas doesn't really tend to. If you could tell me which basic quote types would be good to keep and which wouldn't (like some aren't that interesting I guess) that would help to make a format. --Miriamiracle (talk) 01:47, 27 September 2016 (CEST)