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*It is possible that Touma's character is similar to [[Hibiki]] as they both are very gullible and takes rivalry very seriously.
*It is possible that Touma's character is similar to [[Hibiki]] as they both are very gullible and takes rivalry very seriously.
*He also likes to insult the idols from 765 Production, calling them "weak" and "low-leveled". He even thinks they are playing childish "pretend" games with each other.
*Even though Touma talks to his rivals in a rude matter. When in front of the staff, he is quite polite.
*Even though Touma talks to his rivals in a rude matter. When in front of the staff, he is quite polite.

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Touma Amagase
General character data
Name: 天ヶ瀬 冬馬 (Amagase Touma)
Voice actor: 寺島拓篤 (Terashima Takuma)
Age: 17
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 57 kg
Birthday: March 3rd
Blood type: B
Three sizes: 81-65-80
Hobbies: Soccer, Cooking, Figure Collecting

Touma Amagase (天ヶ瀬冬馬 Amagase Touma) is an idol from 961 Production, along with Shouta and Hokuto. They form a male idol group called "Jupiter". He is the leader of Jupiter. He is voiced by Takuma Terashima (寺島拓篤 Terashima Takuma).

Character description

"Get the hell out of my way! The bloodfury, self-centered idol!"
Touma 2.png
Rival Burst

Touma Amagase, age 17. Grumpy, serious and over competitive.

As a rival from 961 Productions, he would do anything in his strength to get the IA Awards. He does not like it when people get in his way or when he has to face weak opponents. As a solo idol, he is rather strong. As he defeated Ritsuko's idol unit, "Ryuuguu Komachi" single-handedly and being able to gather a large audience, even though one of his speakers broke down when exposed to rain after the start of his performance.

Character resumé

"My goal is to be top idol, nothing more. I get things done, and I'm not ever losing to those idols who just talk and play all day. I'll show you my performance!"


According to iDOLM@STER STATION!!! 第60回 - ジュピター小芝居その1 (冬馬編), he likes cream soda.

  • It is possible that Touma's character is similar to Hibiki as they both are very gullible and takes rivalry very seriously.
  • Even though Touma talks to his rivals in a rude matter. When in front of the staff, he is quite polite.
  • It may not look like it but Touma is quite a tsundere. As he would get flustered and tries to cover it up whenever this shows through.
  • Touma is the only one who doesn't know the main reason why President Kuroi hated Takagi and 765 Production so much.

True Ending

WARNING! This section contains iDOLM@STER 2 ending spoilers!
Touma 3.png

If you get all the awards, then you will unlock True Ending.

On a sunny afternoon, the Producer and the members of Ryuuguu Komachi are headed to the airport to meet up with your idol unit and see the Producer off. But because of Azusa being the road navigator and the car happened to have an engine problem, the Producer and the members of Ryuuguu Komachi are stuck near a beach and Ritsuko blames it's all her fault for renting a jumbo taxi and offering to send the Producer to the airport. The Producer claims it to be 'a stroke of bad luck'. However, Ritsuko still thinks it her mistake and plans to call the cab company.

But if the Producer left, what would the girls do instead of the Producer pushing the car to a nearby petrol station? The Producer suggests to get another man to push the car. Ritsuko decides to find another man to help them, starting with the one who is standing at the beach in plain sight. Ritsuko starts to yell at the man for help but there was no response. She yells again but still no response.

The Producer then goes towards the man as he seemed quite familiar. It turns out to be Touma! The Producer then asks Touma what was he doing there. Touma then plans to ask the same thing as he thought the Producer was heading for Hollywood. The Producer told him the situation. Touma was surprised to find that they were stuck here, he then asks what are they going to do. The Producer says that they were going to find someone who can help them and they happened to find Touma, who was nearby. The Producer thought Touma wouldn't bother to help them.

Oddly, Touma offers help to the Producer. The Producer thinks it's awkward and tells him that he doesn't have to help them if he doesn't want to. The Producer thinks that they're still former rivals. Touma then says that if he doesn't help, they would be in big trouble. The Producer then looks for someone else on the beach, Touma states that there's no one else, other than the two of them. He then asks where's his car.

With no choice left, the Producer tells him where the car is and thanked him for offering them help. He then asks why would Touma want to help them. Touma replies that when you see someone in trouble, you can't leave them alone. He also said that the Producer was the one who was helping him instead. The Producer felt confused and asked him why it was him. Touma explained that at first he thought the concept of 'unity' was nothing more than meaningless tomfoolery. Until, he was defeated by them. For the first time ever, he realized there was something that he and the members of Jupiter were lacking in. Because of that, he thanked the Producer.

The Producer then asks him if he is going to continue his career as an idol. Touma hasn't decided, even though Jupiter has been disbanded and he resigned from 961 Productions. The Producer tells him that he should continue since he has talent and it would be waste of talent if he stopped, same as the other two members of Jupiter.

Touma then blurts out, if the Producer became Jupiter's producer, then some things would change for the better.

The Producer didn't catch it because of the waves got a little too loud. Touma then exaggerates, told him he didn't say anything and asks him if the car in that direction. At that moment, Ritsuko comes in searching for the Producer and asks him what's taking him so long. She was surprised to find Touma was there. Ritsuko thought that Touma was going to harm the Producer. At the same time, the members of Ryuuguu Komachi walked in, too. Ami saw Touma was there and wondered why, Iori thought he already retired as an idol and Azusa thought he was lost.

The Producer then asks why did they all come here. Ritsuko says since he's been taking so long, they decided to check on him and they found him chatting with Touma. The Producer apologized to Ritsuko since he didn't know the time. Ami told him that if he doesn't leave to the airport, he won't make it in time for his flight. Iori tells him that they'll do something about the car and tells him to head over to the airport. Asusa thinks your idol unit are waiting anxiously for you at the airport. Before the Producer had a chance to say thing, Ritsuko told him that it'll be fine and they have already hailed a cab for him. Also, Touma is here too. If they kept you any longer, your idol unit will hate you for sure. Since the producer is their precious producer, they would like to properly bid you farewell and send you off. Ami wanted to do the same, too. Iori thinks that the Producer should put your idol unit on top of everything else. Azusa tells you to not make girls upset. Lastly, Touma agrees with what Azusa said and tells him to go to the airport.

The Producer then leaves everything to them, thanked them and hoped to see them again.