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This wiki is a great place to look up for song lyrics !
Then, I noticed there was no translation for some of my favorite songs (First Step by Yukiho, Tooi Machi Kara by Chihaya), so I added translations, put japanese lyrics I found on google, etc.

I like listening to songs while reading lyrics (and singing along, of course), so I will try to translate some more for other people with the same habit.

(Don't mind the list below. I just want to keep track of songs I translate so that I can look them up again)


Tooi Machi Kara
First Step
Hoshi no Furu Machi
Suteki na Holiday
Silent Night
Ichijikan Okure no Boku no Tenshi~Lately X'mas~ (partially)
Mirai no Chizu
Hatsukoi ~Isshou Kataomoi no Sakura~ (revised by others)
Hatsukoi ~Nishou Kokuhaku no Hanabi~‎‎ (revised by others)
Hatsukoi ~Sanshou Shiawase no Momiji~‎‎ (revised by others)
Hatsukoi ~Yonshou Unmei no Eve~‎‎
Santa Clause wa Doko no Hito (partially)
Aitai Kimochi
Olivia wo Kiki Nagara
Puchidoru no Uta
Little Match Girl (M@STER VERSION part)
Rabyu Rabyu

Difficult songs (I don't understand some parts, need recheck)
Ai Yori Aoi Umi
U, fu, fu, fu,
Slapp Happy!!!
Sunny Day Sunday
Koi to Machine Gun (partially)
Anettai Girl
Kanaria Shotou nite
1/6 no Yume Tabibito 2002

Hatsukoi ~Goshou Eien no Christmas~‎