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just trying to do my part for the wiki and practice Japanese through translations. Miria isn't actually my particular favorite CG but Romantic Now is one of my favorite songs and I thought I should have something im@s related when I registered.

started liking im@s back in 2008 or so, stopped following it shortly after the anime, got back into it after CG anime. currently mostly invested in cg and sideM

Fave idols: 765: haruka, chihaya, mami

346: miku, riina, noriko, syoko, yuriko, chizuru (very DD)

ML: akane, umimi

sideM: minori, ren, jiro

fave seiyuu: eriko nakamura, manami numakura, ayaka ohashi, ruriko aoki, AIMIN, yukiyo fujii, uchida yuuma, yoshiki nakajima, tomohito takatsuka

if you wanna contact me directly for something i'm always on twitter