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|[[Sayonara wo Arigatou]]||[[POKER POKER]]||
|[[Sayonara wo Arigatou]]||[[POKER POKER]]||
|||[[Sayonara wo Arigatou]]||
|[[White again]]||[[Sayonara wo Arigatou]]||
| ||[[Tip Taps Tip]]||
| ||[[Tip Taps Tip]]||

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Yukari Hashimoto (橋本由香利) is a composer, lyricists and an arranger for THE iDOLM@STER.

THE iDOLM@STER Related Work

Composer For: Arranger For: Lyricist For:
Kazahana CHANGE!!!! Kazahana
KisS Kazahana Sayonara wo Arigatou
livE KisS
Marionette no Kokoro livE
Sayonara wo Arigatou POKER POKER
White again Sayonara wo Arigatou
Tip Taps Tip
To my darling...