Zankoku yo Kibou to Nare (CD)

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Zankoku yo Kibou to Nare
Front cover
Album details
Full name: Zankoku yo Kibou to Nare
Track number: 4
Release date: August 08th, 2007
Artist: Aira Yuuki
Editor: Lantis Co., Ltd

Zankoku yo Kibou to Nare is a single released on August 08th, 2007 by Lantis Co., Ltd. The single features the second opening theme for the spinoff anime THE iDOLM@STER Xenoglossia as well as an insert song, both sung by Aira Yuuki. Also included are off vocal versions of the two songs.


01. 残酷よ希望となれ
02. 記憶の鎖
03. 残酷よ希望となれ <off vocal>
04. 記憶の鎖 <off vocal>

Romanized Track List

01. Zankoku yo Kibou to Nare
02. Kioku no Kusari
03. Zankoku yo Kibou to Nare <off vocal>
04. Kioku no Kusari <off vocal>