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Commu 1

Producer (During my search for idols to be part of the "39 Project", I went to see a band performance at a middle school culture festival.)
Anna Casual Model.png .....
Producer (These attractions in the culture festival, they sure bring back memories. And this place is... the game club.)

(I wonder what that girl's doing. Maybe she's the receptionist?)

Bish! Bash! Slash!
Anna Casual Model.png Yes... Anna did it. This is her win, right... all clear...

Anna will do her best... on the next stage too...

Producer Ooh... that battle just now was really amazing! Do you like playing video games?
Anna Casual Model.png .....
Producer (H-huh? Wait, did she not hear me? That's some intense focus right there...)
Anna Casual Model.png ...Okay... Doing great... at this pace... Anna can win the next one too...
Producer (Oh, it's almost time for the band performance at the auditorium. I better head there...)
Anna Casual Model.png .....
Two hours later...
Producer (I watched every performance, but there was no girl there that clicked with me.)
Anna Casual Model.png Everyone~! Are you all being vivid and pumped up~!?
Producer !?

(What was that voice just now? Where is it coming from... maybe behind the auditorium?)

Anna Casual Model.png Thank you for coming to my concert! You guys, let's all have a great time here, okay!

Okay, please listen to my new song! Vivid or not, here I go!!

Producer (Hey, it's that girl playing the game earlier! So, is she pretending to be an idol now?)

(Earlier, we weren't even able to hold a conversation... but right now, she's shining as though a completely different person!)

Anna Casual Model.png The name of the song is..... ah.
Producer Oh, hello. Say, do you like idols?
Anna Casual Model.png .....
Producer (It seems that she heard me this time... maybe she's just shy around strangers?)

(But her smile a while ago was really charming!)

Take out your business card
Producer If you don't mind, would you like to become an idol? Actually, I'm an idol producer.
Anna Casual Model.png An idol... producer... Eh...
Producer I'm here today to look for girls who can become idols.

If you're interested, I hope that you'll listen to what I've got to say.

Anna Casual Model.png Uh... umm...! Anna... loves singing... Idols... they're cute so she likes them...

For Anna... to be an idol... She'd like... to be one... But, for Anna to be an idol... Is it... possible for her... to become one?

Producer Yes, I'm sure that you can become one! So, let's both work hard to make it happen!
Anna Casual Model.png Yes... Anna will do... her best... Producer-san... please take care of her...
Producer (I still can't get that smile she showed earlier out of my head.)

(Gotta put in the effort to make that smile shine even on the stage!)

Commu 2

Producer (We're here today to take Anna's publicity picture. It's almost time for the shoot, but I wonder how she's doing?)
Anna BNT Model.png To all the staff here, hello! I'm Mochizuki Anna♪
Producer (That's... the hyper Anna that I saw at the culture festival!)
Anna BNT Model.png This will be my first time working for a shoot, but I'll vividly do my best! Please take good care of me toda~y!
Cameraman Glad to be working with you. Mochizuki-san, you seem really happy, so I think this shoot will be enjoyable.
Producer (The atmosphere in the studio brightened up all of a sudden!)

(As the cameraman said, this is surely going to be a nice shoot!)

Anna BNT Model.png Ya~y! Gonna pose so vividly!
Cameraman That look is great! Mochizuki-san, let's go for a different pose in the next shot.
Anna BNT Model.png You said it! Okay, going all fired up here...

Yahoo~♪ Anna here, feeling really good today!!

Cameraman Very nice! Mind if I get another shot. I wouldn't think that you haven't made your debut yet!
Anna BNT Model.png Thank you! I'll do my best even more, okay! Ehehe♪
Producer (After that, the studio felt like a stage, with Anna doing one pose after another, and then the shoot ended.)

That was really great, Anna! Even the cameraman said he wanted to work with you again in the future...

Anna BNT Model.png .....
Producer H-huh...?
Anna BNT Model.png Producer-san, Anna... really enjoyed herself... with this...

The idols that Anna looks up to... she's become one of them... Anna's so happy... and was giddy... throughout...

Mmm... Anna... doesn't have any energy left, so... she feels sleepy...

Could it be... that all that happened so far was all just... a dream...?

Producer No, this isn't a dream at all. Today you are an idol, and you made a great shoot possible.

You really gave it your all, to the point that you're all sleepy.

Anna BNT Model.png Mmm... thank... you...

Producer-san... once we get back to the office... let's play a game... together... okay...♪

Producer (The one shown in the publicity photo is the very image of a future Top Idol.)

(Someday she will show up on a large stage, for sure...!)

Commu 3

Producer (Tomorrow's the day when Anna will have her first performance.)

(Rehearsals at the 765 Pro Theater are over, so everything's all set!)

Anna Training Model.png Producer-san...
Producer Anna, you're still here? How come you haven't left for home by now?
Anna Training Model.png There is something that... Anna wants to talk... to you about...

Producer-san... if Anna doesn't make tomorrow's performance... a success, then... what should she do...

Producer Anna... you don't have to worry about that. When your publicity photo was taken, it was well-received.
Anna Training Model.png When lessons... were over... Anna's heart was beating... so fast... there's a tinge in her chest... it hurts...
Producer (It looks like her mind is filled with negative thoughts. In times like this...)
Time for a change of pace...!
Producer Anna, forget about tomorrow for a second, and for a change of pace, how about playing a game with me?
Anna Training Model.png Anna will..... play a game.
Anna Training Model.png Producer-san... are you... ready...?
Producer Yeah, anytime!
Producer No way, I got beat this fast! Wh-what was that just now? Some kind of secret trick or something!?
Anna Training Model.png This... is that kind of move... Producer-san... you still have... a long way to go.
Producer Y-you think so. Well there's no helping it... Okay, I'm back on my feet for Round 2!
(An hour has passed...)
Producer Haa... You sure are strong in gaming, Anna. And to think that I haven't won even once...
Anna Training Model.png Producer-san... you haven't played much yet... You need more practice...

Anna will... be expecting more from you next time, so... do your best... okay...

Producer Yeah, I'm going to practice real hard.
Anna Training Model.png Hmm... Umm... Producer-san. Anna... feels kinda... better now... for some reason...
Producer Oh, that's good to hear. In that case, think of tomorrow as a game and just be at ease.
Anna Training Model.png Oh... okay...
Producer It will be alright. Anna, you've already had a lot of practice.

All the things you did during practice, you'd be able to do it all right during the actual performance.

After all, it's the same as the moves in the game... Right?

Anna Training Model.png Ah, the moves in... the game...

Yes... Producer-san... Thank... you.

Not sure if she will really be... able to pull it off or not but... Anna... will do her best. Will you... cheer her on...?

Producer Of course, I'll be cheering you on as closely as I can get.

Tomorrow's the continuation of today, it's Round 2. Do your best!

Anna Training Model.png Y... yes...!
Producer (Anna finally smiled. In order for this smile to be seen tomorrow too... I better be on guard and watch over her.)

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