Arisa Matsuda

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Arisa Matsuda
Arisa ML Profile.png
iM@S ML Character Data
Name: 松田亜利沙 (Matsuda Arisa)
Voice actor: 村川梨衣 (Murakawa Rie)
Age: 16
Height: 154 cm
Weight: 40 kg
Birthday: June 7th
Blood type: AB
Three sizes: 81-54-80
Hobbies: Gathering data on idols, Camera
Skill: Seeing through idols' disguises
Likes: Desserts at family restaurants
Handedness: Right
Horoscope: Gemini
Hometown: Tokyo
ML Card Type: Vocal
TD Card Type: Princess
Image Color:     
Arisa Matsuda sig.png

Arisa Matsuda (松田亜利沙 Matsuda Arisa) is one of the available idols in the mobile game THE iDOLM@STER: Million Live!. She is voiced by Rie Murakawa (村川梨衣 Murakawa Rie).


Million Live! biography

"Mufufu~ I love idols, so I can study them perfectly!"

Online Character Profile


The enthusiast idol, Arisa is an energetic girl who is obsessed with idols.

Arisa loves idols very much, maybe too much. She has created a massive database that stores notes she's collected on every idol, which she proudly claims has information for every 2D and 3D Idol in the business. The database has information such as an Idols age, hobbies, weight, skills, nicknames, and songs. She is also often seen around town with a high def camera, taking photos of idols in the wild, like an idol paparazzi. Occasionally, this camera even comes with her on stage when she herself is performing as an idol. Because of this, she's actually become quite a skilled photographer. Arisa has collected so much information on idols that it's often said she is capable of detecting an idol anywhere, even through their disguises.

A true Idol Otaku, Arisa has merchandise all throughout her room, which she cleans often. Surprisingly, some of these figures are of idols from the theater, such as Miki and Makoto, as well as an Akane-chan doll. When Arisa uses her computer to update her database, she wears glasses. This is probably due to her eyesight weakening with how often she uses the computer. Sometimes, Arisa stays up late at night watching lives, which often results in her being late to her own work as an idol.

Arisa auditioned to become an idol in order to get closer to the idols she admires. She is a very hard worker, and wishes to show off the fruits of her labor to everyone. She's even gone as far to teach herself the drums. However, Arisa does not see herself on the same level as the idols she admires, calling them way cuter than she could ever be. This lack of self-esteem also presents itself when Arisa is complemented, as she starts to cry because she doesn't know how to react to praise. She is slowly starting to improve her view on herself, so she can reach the idols she admires.

Occasionally, Arisa can't decide whether to prioritize her own work, or her love for idols. One time, even dashed away as she was about to go on stage to grab an idol's signature. Arisa's love for idols has existed in her since childhood, which is a dedication passed down to her from her father, who was also a huge idol fan. He took Arisa to a lot of idol concerts when she was small, which influenced her greatly.

Over time, Arisa becomes genuinely happy to be her own type of idol, and states that every idol is reaching a star that is slightly different from each others. She hopes one day she'll find a star of her own.

Million Live Lines


"Ya~n, Arisa's late, late!"

"Mumu... Arisa's antenna is reacting!"

"So this is a legit idol lesson, huh..."

"*yawn* ...Arisa stayed up too long last night, so now she's tired."

"Eh? An event that only Producer gets to go to!? That's unfair~!"

"Aah, Arisa brought her notes from class instead of her idol ones!"

"Producer, did you check yesterday's rankings?"

"Let's come up with Arisa's perfect Producer-plan together!"

"To get close of all the cute, sparkling and shining idols in her own way, Arisa must continue to update her idol database!"


"O-Over there is... A legendary ranked, living legend idol! Gotta get an autograph, no, gotta work... No, gotta get it...!"

"Ah, Arisa does seem a bit like an idol right now, right?"

"If it's like that, then Arisa will triumph♪"

"Eh~!? This is no good? Uuh, Arisa prepared so much at home, but it turns out it was all useless..."

"Arisa got to work together with some cute idols so now she's all happy♪"

"Mumu, now I know that. Gotta take notes, notes."

"This outfit's so cute~♪♪ Tee-hee~♪♪"

"Ya~n, Arisa got praised by the staff member~♪ This is all thanks to her hard research. Mufufu♪"

"Arisa'll do it, she'll do it! Please let her handle that work!"

"Mufufu, Arisa's tension is maxed out!"

Game Discography

THE iDOLM@STER: Million Live!

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Trivia and Fan Culture


  • In one event (a game festival), it’s revealed that her mother can program a simple game. She also seems quite close to Ritsuko, most likely because they like to plan their actions by the data they have at hand and if the Producer becomes close to her, Arisa will also start to "observe" him too.
  • Arisa's signature laugh is "Mufufu".

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