Chika Yokoyama

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Chika Yokoyama
Chika SS.png
iM@S CG Character Data
Name: 横山千佳 (Yokoyama Chika)
Voice actor: Unvoiced
Age: 9
Height: 127 cm
Weight: 31 kg
Birthday: December 18th
Blood type: A
Three sizes: 60-55-65 cm
Handedness: Right
Hobbies: Pretending to be a Magical Girl
Horoscope: Sagittarius
Hometown: Miyazaki
Card Type: Cute icon.png
Chika sign.png

Chika Yokoyama (横山千佳 Yokoyama Chika) is one of the characters available in THE iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls and THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls: Starlight Stage. Her basic card is Normal. She is currently unvoiced.


Annual Rankings

Event Prelim Rank Final Rank
1st Anniversary Election Unranked Unranked
2nd Anniversary Election Unranked Unranked
3rd Anniversary Election Unranked Unranked
Voice Idol Audition Unranked Unranked
4th Anniversary Election Unranked Unranked
5th Anniversary Election Unranked Unranked
6th Anniversary Election Unranked Unranked
7th Anniversary Election Unranked Unranked
8th Anniversary Election Unranked Unranked



"Runrararunrara♪ Traansform♪ Magical♪ Make up... ah, producer-san! I'm Chika, nice to meet you! Hey, if I become an idol, will I really be able to wear clothes similar to an anime heroine's? Well, alright then, I'll become an idol!"

Character Description

At 9 years old, Chika has a love of magical girls and boundless energy. She finds the stage theatrics and the costumes of idols similarly flashy and cute, and wishes to experience the magic for herself. Chika owns a wide variety of toys based on the Trinkets from other magical girl shows. In fact, everything from her toys to her first Idol outfit to her overall appearance is evocative of Sailor Moon-like shows. She may make mistakes occasionally, but she responds to them all with a smile.

In the tie in Cinderella Girls Theater skits, Chika Yokoyama is shown to be good friends and schoolmates with Kaoru Ryuzaki and Mai Fukuyama. Her spontaneous attitude proves to make Hinako Kita happy in her daydreams and tires out the Producer. Chika shows that she enjoys working with idols around her age, and stars in a magical girls TV show with her friends. She loves dressing up and was one of the founding members of the “Little Marching Band Girls” unit, where she plays the tambourine. She takes lessons with Chie Sasaki and Mai Fukuyama, believing that Arisa Mochida plays the piano while Usako sings. Chika can be sometimes found with Hikaru Nanjo, as they both have transformation sequences that they like to perform.

Basic Quotes

Affection Up Comment: "Hey progusher… geez, can I just call you oo-kun?"

Affection Max Out Comment: "oo-kun’s really amazing! I still don’t really understand this idol thing but, it’s really fun! Did you cast a spell on me?"

Leader Comment: "Thump thump thump thump!"

Greeting: "Magical chaaange♪ Sparkle!! (Point with finger)"

Greeting: "Fluffy fluffy balloon, flying on the sky~♪"

Greeting: "Doesn’t oo producer also want to try and do a transformation with magic powers?"

Greeting: "Fufufuunfunfufuu♪"

Greeting: "If I’m with oo-kun, I can transform into anything!

Work Complete: "Working working it's so fuuuun♪"

Work Complete: "Ehe, I’m kind of nervous."

Work Complete: "If the choreography was more like a transformation scene then…"

Work Complete: "oo-kun’s producing is just like magic miracle♪"

Work Complete: "oo producer! Ehehe, somehow, being an idol is really fun!"

After Training

Profile Comment

"Traaansfoorm♪ Tada! Awesome! Look look, doesn’t it look like I did a magical girl transformation? Ufufu♪ Witch Chika is the number one idol ♪ Thank you, oo-kun!"


Affection Up Comment: "oo-kun! Aren’t I amazing!? Ehehe, are you glad?"

Affection Max Out Comment: "Since oo-kun kept his promise, I’ll also do my best! I’ll show you, I can surely turn you into the world’s number one producer."

Leader Comment: "Lovely Chika’s heart voice attaack♪"

Greeting: "Sparkle spaarkle! oo-kun’s tiredness, fly away~☆"

Greeting: "My ribbons and my skirt are so frilly~♪"

Greeting: "I’ll transform into an idol oo-kun wants to praise♪"

Greeting: "Fufufuunfunfufuu♪"

Greeting: "Magical chaaange♪ Sparkle!! (Point with finger)"

Work Complete: "Ehehe, this costume is amazing♪"

Work Complete: "oo-san! Are there any witch-like jobs anywhere?"

Work Complete: "Ehe, I’m kind of nervous."

Work Complete: "Working working it's so fuuuun♪"

Work Complete: "With my magic I’ll cast a spell on oo-kun, turn into an amazing producer!"


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