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Official logo of the "EXTRA: HYPER GAME MUSIC EVENT 2008".

EXTRA: HYPER GAME MUSIC EVENT 2008 was a concert held on October 13th, 2008. Hiromi Hirata, Mayako Nigo, Akiko Hasegawa and Asami Imai participated in the event, performing Famison remixes of songs from the Famison 8-bit iDOLM@STER series. Uraken also made an appearance and mixed the actresses vocals during the concert. The event was held at STUDIO COAST.

The performances were recorded and sold as a DVD in the album Famison 8-bit iDOLM@STER BEST ALBUM + LIVE DVD. This recording featured both a high quality recording and a wide angle recording of the entire concert.

(From left to right) Asami Imai, Hiromi Hirata, Akiko Hasegawa and Mayako Nigo performing at the event.
Uraken's appearance during the concert.

Set List

01. Labyrinth(『パックマン』NEW SONG)(歌:仁後真耶子今井麻美)
02. Fly High!(『ドラゴンスピリット』NEW SONG)(歌:今井麻美)
03. ポジティブ!(『スカイキッド』MIX)(歌:仁後真耶子今井麻美)
04. トーク 1 (歌:仁後真耶子今井麻美)
05. First Stage(『ゼビウス』ファミソン8BIT MIX)(歌:平田宏美長谷川明子)
06. ハリキリ★ラリー(『ニューラリーX』NEW SONG)(歌:平田宏美)
07. Shooting!!!(『F/A』NEW SONG)(歌:長谷川明子)
08. エージェント夜を往く(Hoover & Acid MIX)(歌:平田宏美長谷川明子双海亜美&真美*)
09. トーク 2 (歌:平田宏美長谷川明子仁後真耶子今井麻美)
10. GO MY WAY!!(Dream Match MIX)(歌:平田宏美長谷川明子仁後真耶子今井麻美)
11. THE IDOLM@STER(カラオケ)

Romanized Set List

01. Labyrinth (“Pac-Man” NEW SONG) (performed by: Mayako NigoAsami Imai)
02. Fly High! (“Dragon Spirit” NEW SONG) (performed by: Asami Imai)
03. Positive! (“Sky Kid” Famison 8BIT) (performed by: Mayako NigoAsami Imai)
04. Talk 1 (performed by: Mayako NigoAsami Imai)
05. First Stage (“Xevious” Famison 8BIT) (performed by: Hiromi HirataAkiko Hasegawa)
06. Harikiri ☆ Rally (“New Rally-X” NEW SONG) (performed by: Hiromi Hirata)
07. Shooting!!! (“Fighter & Attacker” NEW SONG) (performed by: Akiko Hasegawa)
08. Agent Yoru o Yuku (Hoover & Acid MIX) (performed by: Hiromi HirataAkiko HasegawaAmi and Mami Futami*)
09. Talk 2 (performed by: Hiromi HirataAkiko HasegawaMayako NigoAsami Imai)
10. GO MY WAY!! (Dream Match MIX) (performed by: Hiromi HirataAkiko HasegawaMayako NigoAsami Imai)
11. THE IDOLM@STER (Karaoke)


  • While Asami Shimoda did not appear at the event, the Futami Twins voices can clearly be heard in the background throughout the song "Agent Yoru o Yuku".