Everyone Together, It's a Live Broadcast! A Live Broadcast!

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Everyone Together, It's a Live Broadcast! A Live Broadcast!
Episode 15
Original Title: みんな揃って、生放送ですよ生放送!
Romanized Title: Minna Sorotte, Namahousou desu yo! Namahousou!
Translated Title: Everyone Together, It's a Live Broadcast!
A Live Broadcast!
Airing Date: October 14, 2011
Previous Episode: The World That Began to Change!
Next Episode: How It Feels to be All Alone

Everyone Together, It's a Live Broadcast! A Live Broadcast! is the fifteenth episode of THE iDOLM@STER anime. It originally aired on October 14, 2011.


The 765 Production idols star in a comedy/variety show called "Are We Live!? Sunday", hosted by Haruka, Chihaya and Miki. Other segments on the show include Hibiki's challenge of running to reach the studio in time, Azusa, Yayoi and Iori with kindergarteners, Yukiho helping Makoto trying on clothes, Takane going out tasting ramen with Ami and Mami and a trailer of the idols' upcoming action mecha movie. But humorous situations arise when Haruka accidentally smacks herself on the face just as she opens an ice cream box, forcing Chihaya to hold her laughter. On the other segments, Miki is trying to flirt with the Producer much to his and Ritsuko's chagrin, Yukiho forces the helpless Makoto to try on male clothes, Yayoi messes up the weather report, Ami and Mami are unable to finish the ramen Takane ordered, and Hibiki gets lost. By the end of the show, it's revealed Kotori was watching it at her home.



Opening Song
Insert Songs
Ending Song
BGMs and Themes


Screenplay Writers
  • Tatsuya Takahashi (高橋龍也)
Storyboard Directors
  • Hiroki Itou (伊藤祐毅)
  • Hiroki Itou (伊藤祐毅)
Animation Directors
  • Satoshi Yamaguchi (山口智)
  • Keiko Nakaji (中路景子)
Script Writer
  • Tatsuya Takahashi
Ending Storyboard Directors
  • Yuuki Itoh
Episode Director
  • "Yuuki Itoh
Unit Director for Ending
  • Yuuki Itoh
Storyboard Director for Mujin Gattai Kisaragi
  • Hiroyuki Imaishi
Episode Director for Mujin Gattai Kisaragi
  • Akira Amemiya


  • The "Child Smock" costume appears in a segment, worn by Azusa Miura, Iori Minase, and Yayoi Takatsuki.
  • Makoto's love for gothic lolita clothes stems from the MASTER LIVE 02's drama track.
  • The package that hits Haruka Amami in the face is based off of a real life occurrence that happened to Eriko Nakamura and Asami Imai in their days of shooting the internet show "Prestar".
    • The infamous "Noni Juice" incident for the same internet show was originally planned to be included according to the 47th episode of iM@STUDIO.
  • The movie trailer Mujin Gattai Kisaragi appears to be referencing "Mecha Chihaya", a minor meme in THE iDOLM@STER community that notes how staccato Chihaya Kisaragi sounds when performing Ohayou!! Asagohan, and the anime Idolmaster: Xenoglossia.
  • The controller Miki Hoshii, Takane Shijou, and Mami Futami use to move their mecha suits are clearly Xbox controllers.
  • Yukiho Hagiwara's mech version appears to reference her line of saying, "I'll bury myself", as well as the in game accessory "Drill Arm".
  • Takane wears a black version of the "Nightmare Blood" costume and altered versions of the "Punkish Gothic" costumes are worn by Haruka and Yayoi when they appear in the movie trailer.
  • Haruka's on air accident was broadcasted on the real life Namassuka!? Sunday's website as Miki said. This continued until website was taken down by Aniplex.
  • Miki's stylist and the director of Namassuka!? Sunday appear to be based on Akiko Hasagawa and Hochu Otsuka.