Everything Starts With One Courageous Step

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Everything Starts With One Courageous Step
Episode 03
Original Title: すべては一歩の勇気から
Romanized Title: Subete wa Ippo no Yuuki kara
Translated Title: Everything Starts With One Courageous Step
Airing Date: July 22, 2011
Previous Episode: The Girls Start "Preparing"
Next Episode: That Changes Who I Am

Everything Starts With One Courageous Step is the third episode of THE iDOLM@STER anime. It originally aired on July 22, 2011.


The Producer and the girls head to the town of Furusato to perform a mini concert at the town's Summer Festival. As they get to there, some of the girls become disappointed about the stage's small size. In addition, they have to help out with the festival preparations. Unfortunately for Yukiho, she has a fear of men, which drains her performing confidence. On the night of the town's Summer Festival, Makoto and Haruka manage to help her overcome her fear of men. Yet, she is further hindered by a fear of dogs, just as she was making progress against her androphobia. The Producer counsels Yukiho about the dog by sharing about his own cynophobia. His courage gives Yukiho the confidence she needs for a great performance with Makoto and Haruka. After everyone returns to 765 Production studios, the Producer finds a souvenir of Furusato's pickled plums on his desk by Yukiho as a thank-you for helping her.


  • Seinan-dan 1 (CV: Yuuki Hayashi)
  • Seinan-dan 2 (CV: Kazuhiro Fusegawa)
  • Seinan-dan 3 (CV: Daichi Endou)
  • Child 1 (CV: Rei Shimoda)
  • Child 2 (CV: Yuuka Nakatsukasa)


Opening Song
  • READY!! (sung by: 765PRO ALLSTARS)
Insert Songs
Ending Song
BGMs and Themes


Screenplay Writers
  • Macihda Fujiko (待田堂子)
Storyboard Directors
  • Tsurumaki Kazuya (鶴巻和哉)
  • Daisuke Takashima (高島大輔)
Animation Directors
  • Hideyuki Arao (荒尾英幸)
Script Writer
  • Touko Machida
Ending Storyboard Directors
  • Takao Noriko (高雄統子)
Episode Director
  • Daisuke Takashima
Unit Director for Ending
  • Takao Noriko (高雄統子)


  • The costume "School Wear" makes an appearance during the ending theme, worn by Yukiho Hagiwara.
  • The Futami Twins appear to be playing PSP games in the office. They appear more prominently in later episodes.