Futami Twins

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The Futami Twins is the name used to refer to Ami Futami and Mami Futami during their First Vision appearances in 765 Production. While both girls initially appeared in the arcade version of the game THE iDOLM@STER, only Ami Futami had a playable route and the duo were treated as a single character. This trend would continue until THE iDOLM@STER 2, when Mami Futami was given her own separate route. Since then, the twins have both continued to be unique characters.

Ami Futami is the younger sister who ties her hair to the left, while Mami Futami ties hers to the right. Despite being initially treated as one character, there were subtle differences between the girls. Mami was seen as the more mature twin, while Ami was slightly more playful and childish. Their current characterizations have continued to emphasize on the girls' individuality.


Ami and Mami use these nicknames when addressing the other idols:

  • Haruka: はるるん "Harurun"
  • Chihaya: 千早お姉ちゃん "Chihaya-oneechan"
  • Yayoi: やよいっち "Yayoicchi"
  • Yukiho: ゆきぴょん "Yukipyon"
  • Ritsuko: 律っちゃん "Ricchan"
  • Azusa: あずさお姉ちゃん "Azusa-oneechan"
  • Iori: いおりん "Iorin"
  • Makoto: まこちん "Makochin"
  • Miki: ミキミキ、ミキミキ師匠 "Mikimiki", "Mikimiki Shishou"
  • Hibiki: ひびきん、ナイちゃん "Hibikin" (Danketsu 2010), "Nai-chan" (As noted in the official Puchimasu! manga.),
  • Takane: お姫ちん "Ohimechin"
  • Ai: おねーちゃん、愛ぴょん "Onee-chan", "Aipyon"
  • Eri: おねーちゃん "Onee-chan"
  • Ryo: お姉ちゃん、おねーちゃん "Onee-chan", "Onee-chan"
  • Kotori: ピヨちゃん "Piyo-chan"
  • Takagi: 社長、社長さん "Shachou", "Shachou-San"
  • Kuroi: 黒井お祖父ちゃん "Kuroi-ojiichan "
  • Touma: あまとう "Amatou"
  • Hokuto: ほくほく "Hokuhoku"
  • Leon: レオレオ "Leoleo"
  • Julia: ぷちゃん "Pu-chan"
  • Minako: みなりん "Minarin"
  • Konomi: このみん "Konomin"
  • Roco: ロコロコ "LocoRoco"

The twins call Producer 兄ちゃん、兄(C) "Nii-chan" or "Nii-(C)" (As noted in their e-mails), which is an informal way to refer to a person's older brother.