Hanamuke no Tori

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Hanamuke no Tori
General song data
Original title: 餞の鳥
Romanized title: Hanamuke no Tori
Translated title: A Bird's Parting Gift
Composer: Ryo Takahashi
Lyricist: Kimiko
Arranger: Ryo Takahashi

Hanamuke no Tori is an original song that appeared on THE IDOLM@STER MILLION THE@TER GENERATION 12 D/Zeal. It is performed by Shizuka Mogami and Julia as the unit D/Zeal.


Japanese/Kanji Lyrics Romanized Lyrics Translated Lyrics

見上げれば青空 その向こうに行きたいの

Miagereba aozora sono mukou ni ikitai no
Kogarereba kogareru hodo tooku

When we look upward, we found ourselves wanting to soar beyond the sky
If need be, we'd fly so high until we burn away

翼ならあるのに 開き方忘れてしまった

Tsubasa nara aru no ni hiraki kata wasurete shimatta
Kaze ni noru IMEEJI sae mo ima de wa mou

We do have our wings, but we forgot how to fly with it
We can't even see myself riding the winds

またひとつひらりと落ちた その羽根をあなたは拾い上げ
臆病な私を誘うように 宙に投げたんだ

Mata hitotsu hirari to ochita sono hane o anata wa hiroiage
Okubyou na watashi o sasau you ni chuu ni nagetanda

But you took another piece of a feather that fell
And you threw it into the air, to pull out our cowering selves

ゆっくりと (目を閉じて)この両手を (この羽根を)
広げたら (息を吸って吐くだけ)風を待つように
カラダがちゃんと (ココロが細胞が) 覚えているよとあなたが言うから

Yukkuri to (me o tojite) kono ryoute o (kono hane o)
Hirogetara (iki o sutte haku dake) kaze o matsu you ni
Karada ga chanto (kokoro ga saibou ga) oboete iru yo to anata ga iu kara

You told us to gently (close our eyes), spread out both of our wings (with this feather)
And reach out (breathe in and let it out), to wait for the winds
We can do it because our body (from our heart down to our cells) remembers, that was what you said

そのせいでだれも届かないところへ? ねえ…

Sora o mau ano ko wa naniyori mo kirei ni mieta
Sono sei de dare mo todokanai tokoro e? Nee…

When she danced free in the sky, she looked far prettier than anything else
But does that mean she'll now go somewhere forever out of reach? Will she...?

青空にひらりと舞った 羽根が今あの子に重なった
どこまでも自由に飛べるように 歌を添えるよ

Aozora ni hirari to matta hane ga ima ano ko ni kasanatta
Dokomademo jiyuu ni toberu you ni uta o soeru yo

The feathers that danced aflutter in the air had found its way to her
Now so that she would find freedom everywhere, let us sing to its flight

ゆっくりと (目を開いて)弧を描いて (幾重にも)
この空の (この世界の果てより) もっと向こうへと
その姿が (あの子が遠ざかって) 見えなくなってもココから歌うよ

Yukkuri to (me o hiraite) ko o egaite (ikue ni mo)
Kono sora no (kono sekai no hate yori) motto mukou e to
Sono sugata ga (ano ko ga toozakatte) mienaku natte mo koko kara utau yo

Now gently (open your eyes), draw an arc in the sky (a double arc)
Go beyond the skies (beyond the end of the world), far far away
Even when you are out of sight (when you flew far into the distance), leaving our eyes, we'd still sing from here to you

籠を飛び出して (自由を手にした) 鳥が奏でる音を今
私は辿って (ふたりで辿って) 歌う どこまでも高く響いて

Kago o tobidashite (jiyuu o te ni shita) tori ga kanaderu oto o ima
Watashi wa tadotte (futari de tadotte) utau dokomademo takaku hibiite

The bird has now jumped into the open (the bird is now free) and it sings a tune
I'll sing along with it (the two of us will sing along with it); I'll sing it, so it may echo high to all ends of the world.


  • The song tells the audio drama that was included in the D/Zeal album, from the PoV of two girls being taught to fly by a bird, and they in turn sang to the birds flight into the next world.
  • The song overal shares much of its theme with the Razgriz fairytale from "Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War".

CD Recordings

THE IDOLM@STER MILLION THE@TER GENERATION 12 D/Zeal (sung by: Shizuka Mogami and Julia)