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Radio Show Data
Station: HiBiKi Radio Station
Broadcast Format: Streaming
First Broadcast: April 8, 2011
Last Broadcast: Ongoing
Air Time: Fridays
Total Broadcasts: 170
Hosts: Eriko Nakamura
Asami Imai
Successor: TBD

iM@STUDIO(アイマスタジオ)is an internet radio broadcast channel that featured the personalities Eriko Nakamura and Asami Imai. The broadcast period started on April 8, 2011 and is currently ongoing. It was initially associated with "THE IDOLM@STER" series. Prior to the beginning of production, the radio show was called "Anime IDOLM@STER Radio". The show was then broadcast before the official release three times, and a live recording happened on Nico Nico Douga under the name "iM@STUDIO Satellite Station". Although the webcasts were initially tied with the anime, broadcasts continued and the "TV animation" banner has since been removed. iM@STUDIO released several CD albums featuring talk sessions by the two hosts.

Album Discography

CD Release Date
Radio CD "iM@STUDIO" Vol.1 September 23, 2011
Radio CD "iM@STUDIO" Vol.2 November 23, 2011
Radio CD "iM@STUDIO" Vol.3 January 25, 2012
Radio CD "iM@STUDIO" Vol.4 April 25, 2012
Radio CD "iM@STUDIO" Vol.5 June 20, 2012
Radio CD "iM@STUDIO" Vol.6 September 26, 2012
AEIUEOA! November 14, 2012
Radio CD "iM@STUDIO" Vol.7 January 30, 2013