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An Image Stat is essentially a genre or skill. Each Image Stat wavers in popularity (not so much in THE iDOLM@STER 2, however) throughout the game. These statistics are also used to categorize characters in the game THE iDOLM@STER: Million Live!, although their organization largely differs from the console games.


Vocal refers to raw singing skill and ability to memorize lyrics. Idols that excel in this area are Haruka, Chihaya, Ritsuko, Takane, and Ai.

Dance refers to the ability to perform tricky dance moves, stamina on stage, and the ability to memorize dance moves. Idols that excel in this area are Makoto, Ami and Mami, Yayoi, Hibiki, and Ryo.

Visual refers to acting ability, stage presence, and the ability to portray emotion in a song or make the song "reach" the audience. It has also been described as "star quality". Idols that exceed in this area are Iori, Yukiho, Azusa, Miki, and Eri.

While not available to produce in ONE FOR ALL, rival units' information is displayed by their individual stats. From these information cards, the following idols have the following statistics:

Location Idol Highest to Lowest stat
Idol Extreme Leon Visual, Dance, Vocal
Idol Extreme Devil Angel Dance, Vocal, Visual
S1 Rank Up Festival MAI Vocal, Dance, Visual
S2 Rank Up Festival Jupiter Dance, Visual, Vocal
S3 Rank Up Festival Devil Angel Dance, Vocal, Visual
A1 Rank Up Festival riola Vocal, Dance, Visual
A2 Rank Up Festival Yumeko Sakurai Visual, Dance, Vocal
A3 Rank Up Festival Cineria Visual, Vocal, Dance
B1 Rank Up Festival Touma Amagase Visual, Dance, Vocal
B2 Rank Up Festival Hokuto Ijuuin Dance, Visual, Vocal
B3 Rank Up Festival Shouta Mitarai Visual, Vocal, Dance
D1 Rank Up Festival Ryo Akizuki Dance, Visual, Vocal
D2 Rank Up Festival Eri Mizutani Visual, Vocal, Dance
D1 Rank Up Festival Ai Hidaka Vocal, Visual, Dance
Special Ranko Kanzaki Visual, Vocal, Dance
Special Serika Hakozaki Vocal, Visual, Dance
Special Anzu Futaba Visual, Vocal, Dance
Special Tsubasa Ibuki Visual, Dance, Vocal
Special Uzuki Shimamura Dance, Visual, Vocal
Special Rin Shibuya Vocal, Visual, Dance
Special Mio Honda Visual, Dance, Vocal

Effect on Gameplay

All of these can be boosted through lessons and use of accessories and clothes. For example, an idol with low Dance could improve this through equipping Dance-boosting accessories and an outfit that boosts Dance, choosing a song like relations or Do-Dai, and taking lessons that increase the stat. The "Cute & Girly" and "Floral" costumes boost vocal stats, the "Cool & Sexy" and "Luxury" costumes boost dance stats, and the "Cosmic & Funny" and "Starry" costumes boost visual stats. The "EXTEND" category and all accessories vary depending on the costume.

Also, in units, the stats tend to even each other out, especially in the first game. Ami and Mami have low Vocals, for example, but if they were placed in a unit with Haruka, who excels in Vocal but needs work in Dance, the resulting unit would be more well-rounded.

Song Image Stats

Dance Songs Vocal Songs Visual Songs
Agent Yoru o Yuku 9:02pm Ai LIKE Hamburger (iM@S 2)
CHANGE!!!! Ai LIKE Hamburger (PS3) Colorful Days
Dazzling World ALIVE Furufuru Future☆
Do-Dai Aoi Tori GO MY WAY!! (DS)
First Stage Brand New Day! Here we go!!
GO MY WAY!! Futari no Kioku Ippai Ippai
Honey Heartbeat "HELLO!!" Jibun REST@RT
I Want i Kiramekirari (DS)
Kami SUMMER!! I Want (iM@S 2, PS3) L・O・B・M
Kimi wa Melody Kamisama no Birthday Little Match Girl
Kiramekirari Kyun! Vampire Girl Me ga Au Toki
Kosmos, Cosmos Mahou o Kakete! MEGARE!
Marionette no Kokoro Massugu My Best Friend
Overmaster Matane Nanairo Button
relations Meisou Mind Ohayou!! Asagohan
Start→ Star→ my song Positive!
THE IDOLM@STER Omoide o Arigatou Precog
READY!! shiny smile
shiny smile (DS) Watashi wa Idol ♥
SMOKY THRILL Watashi-tachi wa Zutto... Deshou?
Taiyou no Jealousy
The world is all one!!
Tonari ni...

※ Some song types have changed in certain games: