Kaede Takagaki

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Kaede Takagaki
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Character data
Name: 高垣楓 (Takagaki Kaede)
Voice actor: 早見沙織 (Hayami Saori)
Age: 25
Height: 171 cm
Weight: 49 kg
Birthday: June 14th
Blood type: AB
Three sizes: 81-57-83
Handedness: Left
Hobbies: Onsen excursions
Horoscope: Gemini
Hometown: Wakayama Prefecture
Card Type: Cool
Image Color:     
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Kaede Takagaki (高垣楓 Takagaki Kaede?) is an idol available in THE iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls. She is voiced by Saori Hayami (早見沙織 Hayami Saori?). While she is currently working at an unnamed talent agency in Cinderella Girls and SHINY FESTA, she is affiliated with 346 Production in the anime.

Statistics and Biographies


Annual Rankings

Event Prelim Rank Final Rank
1st Anniversary Election 8 11
2nd Anniversary Election 2 3
3rd Anniversary Election 6 7
Voice Idol Audition Not a candidate Not a candidate
4th Anniversary Election 4 3
5th Anniversary Election 2 2
6th Anniversary Election 1 1


THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls Self Introduction

I'm Kaede Takagaki... Self-introductions aren't my strong point... At times like this, I'm not sure what to say... Well, work hard and take care of me, Producer.


I won't lose.

Character Description

Kaede is a mature and mysterious idol belonging in the Cool category. She is very quiet, never saying more than necessary. Her hobbies are visiting and relaxing in onsen. She's also a huge fan of puns, crafting witty wordplay as the opportunity allows. She can instantly smell the difference between body wash and shampoo products, has heterochromia, and has a beauty mark under her left eye.

Once Kaede has had a few drinks, all of her common sense goes out the window. She gains a devious and manipulative persona when intoxicated. She will push aside any notion to quit drinking and is not above encouraging the teenage idols to drink with her. She loves to enjoy expensive or really tasty drinks, particularly wines.

While her everyday speaking voice is soft and quiet, her singing voice is powerful and resonant.

Game Discography

THE iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls

Kaede is an idol within the Cool category. Her basic card is Rare. She also has a special skill, Aura, which provides buffs for all idols in her party. She's received eight S Rare card sets with the titles "Goddess of Mystery", "CD Debut", "Steamy Goddess", "Verdure Lady", "Sweet Princess", "Wonderful Magic", "Happy New Year", "Southern Wind Lady", and "Happy Moment". She has two SSRs exclusive to Starlight Stage, titled "Night Wind's Invitation" and "Dyed Brilliant Red".

To view Kaede's Cinderella Girls card data, click here.


Kaede Takagaki appears as a rival in the STAR OF FESTA mode for Honey Sound, Groovy Tune, and Funky Note. She is a S rank rival who can give her Name Card to the player while in the HARD or EXPERT difficulty. Obtaining her Name Card adds 60 points to the player's score after their performance.

Song Discography

Image Songs

Koi Kaze

Recorded Solo Songs

Recorded Group Songs

Trivia and Fan Culture


  • In Starlight Stage, her image stat specialty is either Vocal or Visual, depending on the card.
  • Kaede enjoys homophones. She thinks they are the "perfect pun material".
  • Kaede consistently ranks high in the annual Cinderella girls election and has been included in every album that was based on the results of the election. She is the only idol to hold this distinction; Rin Shibuya and Uzuki Shimamura trails her by being featured on 3 out of 4 albums.
  • So far, Takagaki Kaede is the only idol in Cinderella Girls that has ever canonically been referred to as Top Idol (the common goal of all idols in the game) by another character or as her legit title, both in the anime and in the Starlight Stage game.

Fan Culture

  • Despite being among the older idols in the series, many fans initially thought that she was young, so much that some compared her age with Anzu Futaba's.
  • Due to her talent, popularity, and orchestral song, Kaede is often considered by fans to be the "last boss" of Cinderella Girls, much like Matsuri Tokugawa in her respective game.
    • This status of hers has elevated to new heights after her sheer dominance in all elections that was held in 2017 (General Election, Solo Song Election, and the Anniversary Election where she generally ranked in the top 10 for almost all categories and ranked 1st in a few).
  • Kaede was voted the most popular Cinderella Girls character in the 6th Cinderella Girls Election and received the Cinderella Girl title .
  • A running joke known as "#koikazenever" was born because her image song, Koi Kaze, had never been added to Starlight Stage. As of September 2017, however, the joke is dead as the song has been finally added to the game.
    • Now she has two after Koi Kaze ~Kayou~, the remix song she received after it won the election, got added into the game. It is also the first song with a solo member MV.

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