Kaze to Oka no Ballad

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Kaze to Oka no Ballad is a song from THE IDOLM@STER STATION!!! THIRD TRAVEL WANTED. It was sung on that album by Manami Numakura, Yumi Hara, and Asami Imai. It is the ending song to the anime "Nodame Cantabile Finale".


Japanese/Kanji Lyrics Romanized Lyrics Translated Lyrics

Ah なだらかな 坂をくだる 空のスーツケース 振り返ると
遠く光る 赤い屋根 この丘の家 今日出ていくわ
私はいつも こうやってきたし そうやっていくし
風の強い 朝が似合うの 向かい風 うまく乗れるよ

ah nadaraka na saka o kudaru kara no suutsukeesu furikaeru to
tooku hikaru akai yane kono oka no ie kyou deteiku wa
watashi wa itsumo kou yattekita shi sou yatteiku shi
kaze no tsuyoi asa ga niau no mukaikaze umaku noreru yo

Ah descending a gently-sloping hill with an empty suitcase in my hand when I turn back
I can see the red roof glistening in the distance today, I'm leaving my house on top of this hill
This is my usual way and this is how I plan to continue
A morning with a strong wind suits me the best as I know I have a knack for riding on the head wind

すべてを手に入れて すべてを失って
記憶 指のあいだ すり抜けても
心なら ここに立ってる
そして once again 歩きだすよ

subete o te ni irete subete o ushinatte
kioku yubi no aida surinukete mo
kokoro nara koko ni tatteru
soshite once again arukidasu yo

Even when I've obtained everything only to lose it all
And my memories slip through the gaps in my fingers
I know that my heart is standing here
And I will walk on once again

すべてを手に入れて すべてを失って
白い ページだけが 残されても
この胸 希望の灯は always bright

subete o te ni irete subete o ushinatte
shiroi peeji dake ga nokosarete mo
kono mune kibou no hi wa always bright

Even when I've obtained everything only to lose it all
And I'm left with only the blank pages
The beacon of hope in my heart will always stay bright