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Kirarin☆Dash! (きらりん☆Dash! Kirarin☆Dasshu!) was an April Fool's Day joke released in 2015 that took place within THE iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls. It was a minigame where the player controlled Kirari Moroboshi whose goal was to collect as many Anzu Futabas as possible until she tripped over a barricade. A remixed, instrumental version of Star!! was used as BGM. The player can adjust the volume of the sound effects and the BGM at the starting screen.

How To Play

Kirari Moroboshi
Kirari Kirarin Dash.png
Control Kirari by moving the mouse. Jump by left-clicking on the mouse. Kirari can move while jumping.
Anzu Futaba
Anzu Kirarin Dash.png
Pick up and gain points (qqp) by contacting onto Anzu. Sometimes she'll sit on a rabbit balloon resembling her old stuffed rabbit where Kirari must jump onto her to obtain.
Energy Drink
Energy Kirarin Dash.png
Picking up this item doubles the score, however, the pacing starts to accelerate and will accelerate faster the more Energy Drinks are picked up.
Barricade Kirarin Dash.png
Avoid this obstacle by either jumping over it or move around it. The game ends once Kirari trips over it.


Scoring high is really simple. Tough it out as long as possible by picking up as many Anzus as possible without grabbing any energy drinks. Once you collect enough, start grabbing as many energy drinks as you can. You don't get any more points grabbing the Anzus whether you're blitzing down the road or crawling at a snail's pace.

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