Kyoji Takajo

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Kyoji Takajo
SideM Character Data
Name: 鷹城恭二 (Takajo Kyoji)
Voice actor: 梅原裕一郎 (Umehara Yuichiro)
Age: 20
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 62 kg
Shoe Size: 27 cm
Birthday: February 2nd
Blood type: A
Hobbies: Laundry
Skills: Mental arithmetic
Handedness: Right
Horoscope: Aquarius
Hometown: Tokyo
Ex-Job: Convenience store clerk
Card Type: Intelligent
Image Color:     
Kyoji sig.png

Kyoji Takajo (鷹城恭二 Takajo Kyoji) is one of the available idols in the mobile game THE iDOLM@STER: SideM. He is part of the unit Beit along with Minori and Pierre. He is voiced by Yuichiro Umehara (梅原裕一郎 Umehara Yuichiro).


SideM Biography

"If that's the case, can you change me? …The way I talk, they're funny or something? Um… Producer, for my dream, I want you to lend me your power."

SideM Idol File

Reason for Becoming an Idol: Because Pierre invited me. That’s why I applied. Something like that?

Personal Motto: Where there’s a will, there’s a way... I kinda like that one. I guess.

Plans for the Future: The social status I was born with means nothing to me. I want to reach for the future on my own two feet. I’ll do anything to make that happen, even become an idol. My life is mine, and mine alone!

Regarding Unit Members: Pierre’s a little strange... His appearance? Mm... Yeah, you’re right, he looks weird too. Then Minori-san...He’s someone you just can’t dislike. Well, that’s how it is. We get along with each other as we are. Our part-time jobs are close too, after all.


Kyoji is a stoic former convenience store clerk from a well-established family, which consists of his father, his older brother, his younger brother, and Kyoji himself. After failing multiple times at the entrance exam for his desired college, a harsh argument broke out between Kyoji and his father (and later his older brother) ended with Kyoji packing his suitcase and leaving home. He vowed that he'll become a successful man in his life without his family's name. While working at a convenience store, he met other Beit members, Minori Watanabe and Pierre. Later on, Minori told Pierre about idols and Pierre rushed to ask Kyoji to become idols with them. Kyoji liked the idea being able to create something from scratch without his family’s help, so he agreed.

He’s not very good with words, often saying things that come out harsher than he meant them to. In the Happy Resort Wedding event, he mentions not liking people who have a lot of money unthinkingly, and Pierre gets upset, thinking Kyoji hates him. Kyoji is clumsy with words, but he has good intentions and genuinely loves the other members of Beit. When they shower him with compliments, he gets embarrassed and doesn’t know what to say back, but he returns those feelings wholeheartedly and will voice them back if the atmosphere is right.

He’s also not good with being on TV or smiling. In Episode 8 of the anime, Kyoji is put in the “Appeal Team” to improve his stage presence and fan service abilities, and he manages to achieve a more natural smile by thinking about the fans cheering him on. In Episode 11 of the anime, Kyoji and Hayato both stutter while making a PV for 315 Pro’s upcoming Live and they’re embarrassed about it together.

Kyoji detests his family due to them neglecting and verbally abusing him. The only exception is his younger brother, Hotaru, who he still loves and cares for. None of the Beit members have ideal family situations, so they’ve become each others main pillars of support: their own 'Beit family'. Kyoji can’t manage to say no to either Minori or Pierre. Minori knows how to cheer him up whenever Kyoji has moments of self-doubt, and Kyoji knows that Minori relies on him to take care of the things he can’t do. Both of them protect Pierre and look over him, because he’s so young. They all worry about each other when they’re separated, even if it's just for a few hours. Kyoji loves his new idol family so much that, in Episode 4 of the anime, he was even willing to contact the Takajo family to use their influence to find Pierre, who had gotten lost.

Kyoji also has a silly and fun side! He sometimes goes along with his unit member's antics: in The Phantom Thieves Chat Noir event, Pierre and Minori are playing with Mofumofuen and Kyoji decides to play along. He yells for Shiro and Kanon to give back Pierre's froggy plushie, but gets really embarrassed when Ken Yamamura and Producer see him. And, in the Seaside Live event, he builds sand sculptures with them and lets Minori make his whole body into a 'sand frog kigurumi'. In general, he likes to tease Pierre, who innocently believes silly lies that he tells. He is part of the ‘gaming club’, along with Takeru, Daigo, and Hayato, and often games or goes to arcades with them. Also, in Episode 8, he partakes in the water gun fight by cornering Shouta Mitarai and pouring a whole bucket of water on him. He also is competitive, and he challenged a shooting game at a festival until he properly won Pierre the stuffed animal he wanted.

Kyoji loves household appliances.

Game Discography

Basic Quotes

Self Introduction: "I kinda liked my old job at the convenience store. I could work quietly, and the customers weren’t too fussy... But I guess once in a while, something bothersome would happen... How’s the idol business? ...I'm looking forward to it."

Scout: (1) "I’m Kyoji Takajo, 20 years old. Um... What else should I say? I’m... not very good at talking. I have... motivation... That’s good enough, right?"

(2) "Idols have a ton of stuff they have to do, don’t they? Must be rough... Guess it isn’t so different from convenience store work after all."

Change!: "What do you look so surprised for? I told you, didn’t I? I have motivation. Someday, I’ll show you the top idol I know I can be."

Login: (1) "Hey, aren’t I of any use to you? Oh... That sounded a lot sadder than I thought it would. I’m not, but... once in a while... please take me along with you."

(2) "Welc’m to-......... Sorry, I got my workplaces confused. Um... That was embarrassing, so... look away."

Lesson: "I’ll help. Let’s do it."

My Desk (Reliability 0%): "Good morning, Producer. Well, let’s try to take it easy today."

My Desk (Reliability 5%): "I somehow managed to make my bills this month... You can do anything if you try, that’s just how I roll."

My Desk (Reliability 30%): "If I’m with you, I feel like I can do anything. ...Or I guess, I’m already doing it, really."

My Desk (Reliability MAX): "I’ve been waiting. We can’t start anything without you, y’know."

Work (Reliability 0%): "Eh, that was whatever, I guess. Let’s keep going, Producer."

Work: "You’re pretty good at giving instructions, Producer. I’m counting on you for feedback."

Work (Reliability MAX): "That wasn’t half bad. If you weren’t here, I would’ve never pulled it off."

Reliability UP: (1) "Hey, am I doing this right? Being helpful to others... Is that what being an idol’s about?"

(2) "I want to be helpful to others, but for my own sake, too. How... strange... I guess an idol’s job isn’t so bad, after all."
(3) "When I remember that you’re right there beside us onstage, it keeps me on my toes. That... wasn’t a complaint. It’s a good kind of anxiety, or something."

Reliability MAX: "You don’t really fully get what I’m saying, do you...? When I’m with you, it feels like I’m on top of the world."

Audition Battle Prep: "Hm. So you’re my opponent...? I don’t think I’m gonna have a problem here."

Audition Battle: (1) "Watch closely! This is my true power!"

(2) "The stage is mine. Step aside."

Live Prep: "I can do anything you need me to, Producer."

Live Continuation: (1) "The customers aren’t very excited, huh...? I should do it again. Give me a redo."

(2) "I want to believe in myself for once. Please, let me do the next one."

Live Success: (1) "Everyone’s clamoring for an encore, huh... Well, nothing to be had... One more time, everyone! Let’s get it started!"

(2) "Producer, did you see me? That’s the true power of Kyoji Takajo!"
(3) "Time really flies when you’re having fun, huh? Let’s do another."

Conversations with Unit Members



Kyoji: Pierre, are you ready to go?
Pierre: I'm ready! Kyoji and me, will do our best!


Kyoji: Pierre, are you ready to go out?
Pierre: I've been ready for an hour! Let's go, let's go!
Pierre: Kyoji, which flavor of onigiri are you getting?
Kyoji: Bonito, or tuna mayo. Salmon is okay, too.

Minori Watanabe


Kyoji: "Minori-san, are you nervous?"
Minori: "Just a little bit. But I'll be fine, thank you for worrying."


Kyoji: "Did you bring these flowers, Minori-san?"
Minori: "They just bloomed this morning. Aren’t they beautiful?"
Minori: "Kyoji, you’re so young, but still so cool and collected."
Kyoji: "And you’re just the opposite: old but soft and fluffy, huh?"

Song Discography

Image songs

Flying Hawk

Recorded Solo Songs

Recorded Group Songs

CD Discography

Drama CD Discography

THE IDOLM@STER SideM Struggle Heart 1 Original CD
THE IDOLM@STER SideM Struggle Heart 2 Original CD

Trivia and Fan Culture


  • Kyoji is part of the 'gaming club', along with Hayato Akiyama, Takeru Taiga, and Daigo Kabuto.
  • Kyoji is very afraid of small animals, including Suzaku Akai's cat, Nyakko.
  • Kyoji is really horrible at building sand castles.
  • Kyoji refers to Pierre and Minori Watanabe as his precious family.
  • The t-shirt from the Osaka event reappears in his Day Off card set. It's the only event-specific outfit of his that's shown up in an unrelated set so far.
  • The 鷹 kanji in Kyoji's surname means hawk, hence the title of his image song.
  • Kyoji is very good at the shooting games at festivals. He wouldn't stop playing it until he properly won Pierre the prize he wanted. Pierre named the plushie "Don-chan".
  • Kyoji and Ryu Kimura are good friends. They're both 20 years old and hang out together often, as first shown in the ORIGIN@L PIECES LIVE in SENDAI event.
  • Kyoji and Jun Fuyumi also get along well, as shown in the Winter Illumination 2017 event.
  • 765PRO ALLSTARS can be seen in two of Kyoji's cards.
  • Kyoji is also often shown wearing a shirt and hoodie that say "RS" on them, and fans sometimes use the logo as a symbol for him. In the background for the Xmas Live 2016 -Side:Delight- event, set at a mall, a store with the same logo can be seen, indicating it's an in-universe brand.
  • Kyoji is the only known member of his family with heterochromia. In both physical appearances Hotaru and his father are shown to have matching eyes.
  • Kyoji's hair has been portrayed as brown with dark roots as a child in the anime; however, his Remember Shot card and accompanying comic portray him with full dark hair in his younger years, meaning he dyed it again at some point.

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