Lots of, Everything

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Lots of, Everything
Episode 18
Original Title: たくさんの、いっぱい
Romanized Title: Takusan no, Ippai
Translated Title: Lots of, Everything
Airing Date: November 4, 2011
Previous Episode: Makoto, A True Prince
Next Episode: Like the Moon Hiding Between the Clouds

Lots of, Everything is the eighteenth episode of THE iDOLM@STER anime. It originally aired on November 4, 2011.


Ritsuko forces a hard dancing routine on Ryuuguu Komachi to prepare them for an upcoming secret concert, much to the group's displeasure. While checking out Ryuuguu Komachi's fan letters, the Producer finds one with a picture of Ritsuko when she was an idol, sent by a fan of her with the nickname "Petit Bellpepper", much to her embarrassment. Upon learning Azusa won't be able to perform due to the mumps, Iori and Ami have a brilliant idea to have Ritsuko take over Azusa's place since she's the only one who knows the song and dance routine. As the Producer and Miki support the idea, Ritsuko reluctantly attends dance training with Iori and Ami, and they take advantage of it to get back at her. On the day of the concert, Ritsuko gets stage fright and feels very nervous until Iori and Ami show a prerecorded message by Azusa to the crowd where the group thanks Ritsuko for being their producer. There is also a surprise appearance by "Petit Bellpepper" and Ritsuko's fanclub who have come to support Ritsuko, thanks to the Producer. With her stage fright gone, Ristuko is able to perform with Iori and Ami. After the concert, Ritsuko realizes how much has changed since she quit being an idol to form Ryuuguu Komachi, but she still wants to be a producer to lead Ryuuguu Komachi to the top. However, she does tell the Producer if she ever does a comeback as an idol, she wants him to be her producer. Now with Azusa back, Ritsuko continues the group's regular training for their rise to the top.



Opening Song
Insert Songs
Ending Song
BGMs and Themes


Screenplay Writers
  • Tsuchiya Satorukei (土屋理敬)
Storyboard Directors
  • Akitoshi Yokoyama (横山彰利)
  • Akitoshi Yokoyama (横山彰利)
Animation Directors
  • Takuya Kawai (河合拓也)
Script Writer
  • Michihiro Tsuchiya
Ending Storyboard Directors
  • Yuu-Yuu
Episode Director
  • Takuya Kawai (河合拓也)
Unit Director for Ending
  • Yuuki Itoh


  • The shot of Iori Minase lying on the couch in the 765 Production office was slightly edited in between the trailer for the episode and the actual airdate.
  • The photo of Ritsuko Akizuki in her old idol days features her wearing the "Snow Strawberry" costume. Oddly, it does not include her usual pigtails, and instead gives her a ponytail. The "Training Wear" and "Princess Melody" costumes also appear in this episode.
  • The car in front of the venue of the event features a license plate that has Ritsuko's body measurements.
  • Aniplex appears as a logo on the sound equipment in the venue.
  • The costumes in the dressing room feature the shoes Ritsuko wears in her "Princess Melody" costume and various outfits that appear to be based off of real life event costumes.
  • The video message from Azusa Miura is based on the real life messages the voice actresses often create if they can't make it to a major live event.
  • Interestingly, the recording of Ippai Ippai used during the concert is not from a CD, and appears to be newly recorded but unreleased.
  • Ai Hidaka, Eri Mizutani, and Ryo Akizuki all make cameo appearances in the ending of the episode.
  • The original set list for the Ryuuguu Komachi concert can be seen being edited by Ritsuko in the wake of Azusa Miura's absence. The setlist for the event was as follows:
1 SMOKY THRILL Ryuuguu Komachi
2 Here we go!! Iori Minase
3 Start→ Star→ Ami Futami
4 Hareiro Azusa Miura
5 Futari no Kioku Iori Minase
6 YOUou MYshin! Ami Futami
7 9:02pm Azusa Miura
8 Rizora Iori Minase
9 Reimei Starline Ami Futami
10 Mythmaker Azusa Miura
11 Hanikami! First Bite Ryuuguu Komachi
12 DIAMOND Iori Minase
13 L<>R Ami Futami
14 LO♥VE♥LY♥ Azusa Miura
15 Otomegokoro Nusunde! Iori Minase
16 Positive! Ami Futami
17 Tonari ni... Azusa Miura
18 Nanairo Button Ryuuguu Komachi