Marina Sawada

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Marina Sawada
Marina SS.png
iM@S CG Character Data
Name: 沢田麻理菜 (Sawada Marina)
Voice actor: Unvoiced
Age: 26
Height: 166 cm
Weight: 47 kg
Birthday: May 6th
Blood type: B
Three sizes: 87-57-87 cm
Handedness: Right
Hobbies: Surfing
Horoscope: Taurus
Hometown: Chiba
Card Type: Passion icon.png

Marina Sawada (沢田麻理菜 Sawada Marina) is one of the idols available in THE iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls and THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls: Starlight Stage. She is currently unvoiced.


Annual Rankings

Event Prelim Rank Final Rank
1st Anniversary Election Unranked Unranked
2nd Anniversary Election Unranked Unranked
3rd Anniversary Election Unranked Unranked
Voice Idol Audition Unranked Unranked
4th Anniversary Election Unranked Unranked
5th Anniversary Election Unranked Unranked
6th Anniversary Election Unranked Unranked
7th Anniversary Election Unranked Unranked
8th Anniversary Election Unranked Unranked



"You want to make Big Sis an idol? Hahaha, that's one cliché ambitious pick-up line~. Uh, everyday I was certainly bored. Alright, let's ride!"

Character Description

Marina is a cool surfer from Nagano who talks as if the Producer is her little brother, such as using the suffix "-kun" and saying things like "Leave it to your big sister!". She changes from loose hair to a ponytail from time to time, and has a bit of a complex when she's in a unit with idols younger than her.

In the tie in Cinderella Girls Theater skits, Marina is known to be a big sister type for the other idols. She is one of the witnesses of Uzuki Shimamura’s “normal” running score and trains with Otoha Umeki, Emi Namba, and Satomi Sakakibara. Atsumi Munakata attempts to exploit Marina’s big sister attitude in order to grope her but is foiled when Marina pretends that it’s Producer who is doing the groping instead. She is clearly impressed by Helen, who got Atsumi to give her a foot massage in exchange for a fondling. When she wears a wedding dress for an event, she admits that she’d like Clarice to be a witness for her and for Tamami Wakiyama as her trainbearer.

Trivia and Fan Culture


  • Although her main quirk is being a surfer, the Chiba Prefecture, where she hails from, does not border with any sea.
  • She is the oldest Light Green Surf member. The unit consists of her, Natsuki Kimura (the only voiced member), Yoko Saito and Itsuki Manabe.
  • She is also close friends with Shin Sato, as both are 26 and still highly energetic.

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