Michio Hazama

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Michio Hazama
SideM character data
Name: 硲道夫 (Hazama Michio)
Voice actor: 伊東健人 (Itou Kento)
Age: 32
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Shoe Size: 26.5 cm
Birthday: January 13th
Blood Type: AB
Hobbies: Cleaning, Puzzles
Skills: Reciting Pi
Writing Hand: Left
Horoscope: Capricorn
Hometown:  ?
Ex-Job: Math Teacher
Card Type: Intelligent
Image Color:     
Michio sig.png

Michio Hazama (硲道夫 Hazama Michio?) is one of the available idols in the mobile game THE iDOLM@STER: SideM. He is voiced by Kento Itou (伊東健人 Itou Kento).



Michio is a stern ex-math teacher who takes his job very seriously. He represents the "M" for Math in S.E.M. He cares a lot for his students and their education, which is his main motivation in becoming an idol. When Jupiter came and preformed at his school’s cultural festival, Jiro and Rui pointed out how the students enjoy this way more than actually studying. After hearing that, Michio stated that he must become an idol like them, for the sake of the students. He claims he has vowed his heart and soul into guiding his students, but then realized what he was doing isn’t enough. Studying won’t lead his students into being successful, idols will. He got his other teacher co-workers, Rui Maita and Jiro Yamashita, to help him and that was the beginning of the S.E.M unit.

Becoming idols for them was not easy. They failed all of their auditions until Michio realized what they were missing. It was passion. Michio believes passion is what’s most important. They finally passed their audition after making a deeply passionate appeal. When the interviewer asks him why he wants to become an idol, he replies explaining how it was necessary to devote himself to the youth, and he will motivate them with his passion. He serves as the backbone of S.E.M. With Jiro’s sloppiness and Rui’s playful natures, he balances the two out, as for he's very serious and neat. He's always there to keep them on track and in control. Though he is no longer a math teacher, Michio often relates his idol work to math, despite Rui and Jiro never understanding it. He also helps the other idols at 315 Production with their studies.

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  • All of Michio's SRs, save for his "ST@RTING LINE", "1st STAGE", and "Candid Shot" cards, all contain "Logical" as a prefix in the title.
  • Hazama has a younger sister. She isn't named, but she is a high school student. She makes a cameo on his "Idols' Day Off" SR+ card.

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