Michio Hazama

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Michio Hazama
SideM Character Data
Name: 硲道夫 (Hazama Michio)
Voice actor: 伊東健人 (Itou Kento)
Age: 32
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Shoe Size: 26.5 cm
Birthday: January 13th
Blood type: AB
Hobbies: Cleaning, Puzzles
Skills: Reciting Pi
Handedness: Left
Horoscope: Capricorn
Hometown: Awaji Island
Ex-Job: Math Teacher
Card Type: Intelligent
Image Color:     
Michio sig.png

Michio Hazama (硲道夫 Hazama Michio) is one of the available idols in the mobile game THE iDOLM@STER: SideM. He is voiced by Kento Itou (伊東健人 Itou Kento).


SideM Idol File

Reasons for Becoming an Idol: To provide dreams for the students of our school, and cultivate the pursuit of knowledge within them.

Personal Motto: Everything has its place. This is the foundation of foundations, the root of roots.

Comments for the Future: My intention is not merely to become an idol――there's more to it. In my eyes, idols are nothing more than another means to make hopes come true. However, I mustn't slack off. In order to make those dreams a reality, I intend to remain diligent.

Comments about Unit Members: Maita-kun's disposition differs greatly from mine. I dare say he may be an extraterrestrial life form. I've known Yamashita-kun for quite a long time now, but we're not particularly close. However, I don't bother with troublesome thoughts, and I find it useless to worry.


Serious and analytical, Michio is the fervent leader of S.E.M. As an ex-math teacher, he represents the "M" in S.E.M. His early dialogue comes across as somewhat discourteous due to his no-nonsense disposition. Initially, he found his idol costume questionable, and, upon approaching Producer in regard to the designer, he quickly retracted his inquiry, stating, "...No, you do not have to tell me. After all, there is something that must be done," recognizing that his larger purpose for being an idol cannot be trumped by a silly outfit. In a subsequent card line, he says, "Although I was initially puzzled upon receiving this costume, my attachment to it has grown. It is strange how people are adaptable in this way." Over time, he has come to accept his idol duties fully and with great zeal (and unintentional hilarity) from his costumes to his acting roles to other assigned work.

Michio's perfectionist nature often lends itself to many of his more comical situations. For the DoReMiFa★Melody event, he tells Producer that each night, before heading to bed, he would practice speaking in a falsetto with a stuffed pig puppet lent to him for the show. With his desire for perfection comes a need to seek an understanding of youth culture, as he considers every opportunity to learn about such as an opportunity to conduct "research." However, the true extent of his knowledge varies from situation to situation. In a particular 1-koma, Michio notes his familiarity with an array of popular songs from the times he would go to karaoke with his younger sister. On the contrary, in the Halloween Carnival event, Rui prepped Michio to play the role of an alluring vampire, and, despite Rui having noticed Michio’s popularity with female attendees, Michio found his unscary nature to be a contradiction to his outfit and the carnival’s ambiance, quickly writing up a plan to improve his image for the following year's Halloween event. His perfectionist impulses may come off as a tad callous, but Michio cares very deeply for his colleagues. He has noted on various occasions the importance of Producer and his unit mates in helping him reach his idol ambitions, for perfection alone cannot suffice.

In regard to his work, Michio can be considered a fairly talented actor, having taken on roles much unlike himself, such as the nervous and subordinate Waku in GHOST SNIPERS, the terrifying Li Dao in BEST GAME, and the soft, mellow Rabin in Miracle Magic Wishacle♪Melody ~Miracle LIVE~.

He sometimes makes mathematical references in his speech, though others around him tend to not understand them. In general, he tackles any problem from a logical viewpoint, often organizing his ideas on white boards and drawing up graphs and other mathematical representations to aid him in coming to a solution or in presenting his ideas. It is often Jiro who has to stop Michio from becoming too carried away in his drawn-out explanations.

Michio enjoys cleaning, testifying to his highly responsible, organized character. Even after nights of drinking with his unit mates, he still wakes up before the two to clean up whatever mess may have been left the night before. As well, he is a tutor for the younger idols of 315 Production. He has helped Ren and Takeru on numerous occasions.

He is close with his family, as he sometimes receives gifts from his parents from his hometown, and visits them during long vacations. His younger sister, when visiting her brother, requests he guides her around the cities. While he notes it would be nice to perform in Awaji Island, he believes he is unprepared as an idol to return to his hometown as is.


As a teacher, Michio made various attempts to engage his students in their schooling– donning silly outfits while instructing and putting on puppet shows– but could not reach a solution for igniting their enthusiasm. That was until the day Jupiter performed during one of the school’s cultural festivals, and he witnessed the students’ interest peak. It was then he found his resolve: he would motivate the youth as an idol. Guiding students had always been his sole vow, and he believed idols were key to suitably devoting himself to and carrying out this responsibility. With S.E.M having failed their first 10 idol auditions, Michio came to the conclusion that what the three lacked in every previous audition was passion, and the three made a compelling appeal during their 11th audition using the unit’s iconic “Passion Pose” to finally pass.

In Michio’s Live On St@ge Idol Memories, he accidentally bumps into Producer on his way home one evening. Realizing Producer is from an talent agency looking to scout idols, he introduces himself, explaining to Producer how he, Jiro, and Rui have already failed 10 auditions but were determined not to give up, to which Producer directs the three to an audition for the agency.

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Trivia and Fan Culture


  • Many of Michio’s SRs contain the prefix “Logical.”
  • Michio has a younger sister who first made her cameo in his “Mister Scandal!?” magazine chapter. She later appeared in his Idols’ Day Off SR+ card.
  • He often mutters ふむ ("fumu") or うむ ("umu").
  • His favorite angle/curve is the Witch of Agnesi.
  • At age 32, he is currently the oldest active idol in the entire Idolm@ster franchise.

Fan Culture

  • Michio is part of an unofficial unit named Over30, briefly formed during the “315 Production, Big Karaoke Tournament” magazine chapter, that has become big within fan culture.
  • Within the canon-verse and within fan culture, each member of S.E.M is often related to a particular animal or animals, Michio’s being an owl and, more recently, a rabbit.

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