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Commu 1

Producer (This next girl will be the last interviewee for today's auditions. I wonder if a candidate for the "39 Project" will show up...)
Minako Casual Model.png Hello, I'm Satake Minako. Nice to meet you!
Producer Satake Minako-san, right. It's nice to meet you too.

Okay, forgive me for getting right to the point... but can you tell me why you want to become an idol?

Minako Casual Model.png Hmm, let me think. I've liked idols from the start, but...

My main reason is because a friend invited me to! There are three of us, and we all get along nicely♪

Producer Oh, I see. So, did you come here today with them?
Minako Casual Model.png Yes! Imagine, me and my friends passing and doing idol activities together... or something like that!

That may sound like a dream, but I think it'd be nice if that really happens. Ehehe♪

Producer Yes, that sounds too good to be true. However...

If you're the only one who fails, or maybe one of your friends fails. Or quite possibly, if you became rivals with them by going solo, what would you do then?

Minako Casual Model.png Well...
Producer ...
Minako Casual Model.png ...I wouldn't be able to give an answer right away. I would feel really troubled.

But, I would think it over really hard... and give my own answer! After all, we're serious about our feelings of wanting to become an idol. So, I would seriously think over it.

Producer I see. Thank you for answering. I'm really sorry for asking you such a difficult question.
Minako Casual Model.png No, not at all! After all, those were my true thoughts... Still, thank you for being considerate! Producer-san, you sure are nice! Ehehe♪
Producer (Many girls had answered "I'll become an idol even if I'll be by myself", but she said "I'll think it over and then give my answer".)

(She seems to be a nice girl, so if she's the only who passes, then she'd definitely feel troubled. Such naivety exists in many others and yet this girl...)

Minako Casual Model.png Idols sure are all shimmering and wonderful! Although, things like taking lessons would definitely be hard...

Still, just looking at them cheers you up! It'd be nice if I could be like them, cheering others up... I think!

Producer (Shimmering and shining, cheering others up, huh...)
You pass!
Producer You pass, Satake Minako-san. I'd like to welcome you as one of the idols for the "39 Project"!
Minako Casual Model.png D-did you just say that I passed? Y-yes, I did it! Wahhoi!!
Producer However, you're the only to pass today's audition. ...After hearing that, can you still give your all?
Minako Casual Model.png Eh!? Then, that means my friends...
Producer Unfortunately...
Minako Casual Model.png .....I see...
Producer You don't have to answer now, but I'd like to know. I think that you need to sort out your feelings first.
Minako Casual Model.png Thank you... Oh... I-I'm sorry. I'm glad that I passed the audition, but I don't know if I should be happy about this...

I'm really sorry for looking so sad! Umm, would it be alright if you give me some time to think?

Producer Of course. I'll be waiting to hear your answer.
Minako Casual Model.png ...Thank you!
A few days later...
Minako Casual Model.png Sorry for the intrusion! I'll be letting myself in now!
Producer Coming... oh, it's you...!
Minako Casual Model.png Hello! I've made up my mind!
Producer I see. So, please do tell me about it.
Minako Casual Model.png Okay!

...Afterwards, I hadn't told anyone else about my passing the audition... I thought about it by myself.

Then, my friends figured I must be hiding something. Guess I'm a terrible liar.

Producer I see... So, what did your friends do?
Minako Casual Model.png They reprimanded me, saying "How could you hide something as important like that!" After that...

They told me that they'll cheer me on. Because I'm a dear friend, and because this was their friend's dream, they'll surely cheer me on.

Hearing that, I couldn't afford to hesitate! ...So I gave it some thought. I have to give my all for this!

Producer I see. You sure have really good friends, Satake-san.
Minako Casual Model.png Yes, I do! They're my pride and joy! Ehehe...♪

It took some time, but I've made up my mind! Producer-san, please turn me into an idol!

Producer Yes, leave it to me! I'm looking forward to working with you!
Minako Casual Model.png Thank you!
Producer (Minako's eyes seem red... it must've been rough. But her determination, it'll bloom into something great for sure...!)

Commu 2

Producer (Minako's first job involves her publicity photo. Seems that preparations are taking a while. What's happened?)
Minako BNT Model.png Umm, Producer-san...
Producer Oh, speaking of which... Minako, I see that preparations are all done!
Minako BNT Model.png ...Yes! ...But, umm. How should I say this...
Producer ?

Something seems to be bothering you, Minako. What happened?

Minako BNT Model.png W-well, it is true that something is bothering me. But...

...Producer-san. I don't look weird, do I?

Producer Well, I don't think there's anything weird about you... is something wrong?
Minako BNT Model.png Well... for this shoot, I had both my hair and makeup done by a makeup artist.

I love taking care of people! But I'm not used to being the one taken care of... Ah, but it's not that I dislike it! It's just that I get all fidgety and restless with that thought.

Producer Haha, oh. So that's how it is.
Minako BNT Model.png Also, this feels different from the usual, so I have no idea if this suits me or not...
Producer You don't have to worry. It's not weird at all, and it suits you. You look really cute right now!
Minako BNT Model.png Eh!? I-I look really cute... come on now, you don't have to pull my leg like that~!!
Producer Now, now. You'll be doing things as idol from now on, right?

Cuteness comes naturally with being an idol, so you need to get used to have your makeup done by a professional.

Minako BNT Model.png H-hmm... You have a point there! Okay!

It felt like there was so much to do, that I got more nervous that I thought... ehehe.

Producer-san♪ I'm going to put in lots and lots of effort for this!

Producer (After that, Minako followed the cameraman's instructions throughout the shoot, and managed to show off her charms.)
Minako BNT Model.png Hello, Producer-san! I was nervous about the shoot, but I had fun doing it!

I asked to see how the pictures turned out, and they were all wonderful... it's like it wasn't me at all♪

Producer I'm glad to see that we've gotten some good pictures... However... I think the real deal's much better, right?
Minako BNT Model.png O-oh, come on now. You sure know how to flatter a girl, don't you, Producer-san~?

If you keep showering me with praise, it'll all go to my head, you know~?

Producer Eh? But, it's the truth...

(Still, this humility uncharacteristic of an idol, could also be one of Minako's charms.)

Minako BNT Model.png With this picture, I'll gain publicity... and I'll be able to receive jobs as an idol, right?

It'd be nice if I were to get a lot of jobs where people can see me~. I can't wait♪

Producer (Where people can see her, huh. I'm sure that Minako's dream will come true right away.)

Commu 3

Producer (Minako's first performance is just around the corner. I have to prepare myself, so I'd better leave now...)
Minako Lesson Model.png Ah, Producer-san! Working this late? Thank you for your hard work!
Producer Minako? You're still here at this time?
Minako Lesson Model.png Yes! To be honest, there's this dance step that I'm not confident with, so I stayed behind and practiced a bit.

I asked Nao-chan to help me, and I've got it memorized now! So, don't worry about me and just watch over me!

Producer I see, that's why... thank you for your hard work. Though the performance is tomorrow, you don't look nervous.
Minako Lesson Model.png Do I look that way? But, I am feeling really nervous.
Producer Is that so? You look rather calm, relatively speaking...
Minako Lesson Model.png Ehehe~. I guess, thanks to the support from my family and friends!

The audience, my family, my friends... I'd like everyone to enjoy this!

Producer I see. So the smiles of everyone around you are what give you strength.
Minako Lesson Model.png Yes they do! Also, a hearty meal helps a heap!
Producer Meal?
Minako Lesson Model.png Ah, you just laughed, didn't you? Meals are very important, you know!

By eating a hearty meal every day, I'm able to do my job and sleep peacefully at night!

Since becoming an idol, I've learned about the importance of good health. And for health's sake, meals are a must!

Producer True, one important thing an idol must do is look after her own health.
Minako Lesson Model.png That's right! But, that isn't exclusive to idols, right?
Producer Huh?
Minako Lesson Model.png Producer-san, you look tired. Are you eating well?

I know how hard you're working, but you shouldn't skip meals just because you're busy!

Producer Haha, you're right. I'll keep that in mind.
Minako Lesson Model.png If you think you're going to have your hands full, just tell me! I'll whip you up a packed lunch or something!
Producer I'd appreciate that... Say, wait a second, it's hard to tell who the real producer between the two of us is.
Minako Lesson Model.png That's not true, I still have a long way to go! All the other girls in the theater are always giving me a hand...

Not to mention... well, you've helped me out too... ehehe♪

Producer I see. I'm glad to hear that you consider me to be reliable.
Minako Lesson Model.png Yes, of course! I'm depending on you a bunch.

Producer-san. Please look forward to tomorrow's performance! I hope that you'll see how much I've grown as an idol! ...Although, I still have lots more to work on♪

Producer Of course, I will! Let's both put food in our bellies, and put more effort into our tasks!
Minako Lesson Model.png Okay♪
Producer (The stage that Minako will be on for everyone's sake... I'm sure that it'll turn out to be gentle and warm!)

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