Minori Watanabe

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Minori Watanabe
SideM character data
Name: 渡辺みのり (Watanabe Minori)
Voice actor: 高塚智人 (Takatsuka Tomohito)
Age: 31
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Shoe Size: 26.5 cm
Birthday: March 22nd
Blood Type: AB
Hobbies: Collecting Hand Creams
Skills: Finding shortcuts when driving
Writing Hand: Right
Horoscope: Aries
Hometown: Ibaraki
Ex-Job: Flower Shop Clerk
Card Type: Physical
Image Color:     
Minori sig.png

Minori Watanabe (渡辺みのり Watanabe Minori) is one of the available idols in the mobile game THE iDOLM@STER: SideM. He is part of the unit Beit along with Pierre and Kyoji. He is voiced by Tomohito Takatsuka (高塚智人 Takatsuka Tomohito).


SideM Biography

-Leave the idol and flower related things to me!-
"Flowers can properly meet expectations and be rewarded with care... I too will work hard to follow the flowers' examples. Producer, about me, I'll ask you to take good care of me please."

Character Description and Personality

Minori is a former Flower Shop Clerk who is a longtime fan of idols, especially Ryuuguu Komachi and Jupiter. He's outwardly calm and friendly, but he is a former delinquent and can scold or even threaten someone with a calm look. He also uses flowers as comparisons when talking about other people. He can sew and cook and dotes on Pierre so much, that he's considered the "mom" of Beit.

Even after becoming an idol, he still acts like an otaku, for example; fawning over the other idols and collecting all their DVDs, as if he wasn't an idol himself. With his idol knowledge, he often gives Kyoji and Pierre tips on how to look cute and/or cool. He often mentions fandom terms, like when he fawns over Kyoji's "gap", for example. Minori, as a fan of idols himself, understands what fans want to see. He's very committed to making sure that the fans have a fun time, making sure to take lots of selfies with the rest of Beit to upload on their blog. He often thinks about new merch and puts a lot of importance on the outfits Beit wears onstage. He spends a lot of time before Lives looking at the flower stands that fans have sent everyone in 315 Productions. He also often takes notes of what the other idols are doing, in order to improve his own performance.

None of the members of Beit have ideal family situations, so they have become each other's "important family". Whenever Kyoji and Pierre finish a job successfully, Minori is so proud that he cries and showers them with compliments. Minori is very protective of the both of them, especially Pierre. Minori often teases Kyoji and showers him in compliments often.

Minori sometimes slips back into his old ways when he was in a gang. In Episode 2 of the anime, he slips into a 'signature pose' that is common for gangsters, but says he learned it from a idol magazine. He can be very threatening too, even causing the former yankees in Shinsoku Ikkon to back down and respect him. In the Have Your Fill of Nature! BBQ Camp event, he says he used to "go riding around the mountains with his old pals" on motorcycles and that's where he learned the art of barbecuing. In the Seaside Live event, he goes for the watermelon in the 'watermelon splitting' game so intensely that he shocks the rest of Beit and Legenders.


He lost his parents at a young age so his uncle took care of him.[1] As he went through his uncle's old belongings, who was later murdered by a gang[2], he was shocked to see that he was a fan of male idols[3]. Wanting to know his true feelings toward idols, he did some research, and ended up becoming a passionate idol otaku.

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Trivia and Fan Culture


  • Though being 31 years old, the second oldest idol in 315 Production, he claims to be 17 at heart forever, similar to Nana Abe.
  • Minori refers to Kyoji Takajo and Pierre as his precious family.
  • Minori is a huge fan of Jupiter.

Fan Culture

  • Due to Minori's motherly nature towards Pierre, some fans call him "Mama Minori".
  • He is often featured in fanworks with fellow idol otaku, Arisa Matsuda.

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