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Commu 1

Producer ("39 Project" is finally starting! I have to hurry up and put up these posters the President gave me!)

This should be enough... now. It'd be nice if we can get some people who want to be idols from this, but...

Mirai Casual Model.png Ah! That new building there looks like some sort of theater!

39 Project... recruiting idols? Eeh!? Aaah, recruiting idols?

Wai, awawa!? Uwaaaaah!!?

Producer Uwah!?
Mirai Casual Model.png Owowow... I-I'm sorry! Um, are you alright!?
Producer Ah, yeah. I'm fine.

(I wasn't expecting to get hit by a girl on a bike...)

Mirai Casual Model.png Um, I'm really sorry! The poster got my attention and I wasn't looking...
Producer The poster?
Mirai Casual Model.png Yes! ...Are you recruiting for idols?
Producer We are... Are you possibly interested in idols?
Mirai Casual Model.png I am! Idols just have a cute feeling to them, it makes you go wow!

They sing and dance, glittering and shining! Just looking at them makes me feel lively...♪

Producer Excuse me, your name is?
Mirai Casual Model.png Ah, my name is Mirai! Kasuga Mirai, 14 years old!
Producer Mirai-chan? If you'd like...
Invite her to an audition
Producer Why don't you try auditioning?
Mirai Casual Model.png Eeeh!? A-an audition... me!?
Producer Yeah. I feel like you can be an idol.
Mirai Casual Model.png Um, um... I-I'll go! I'll definitely go!
And so, many days later. On the day of the audition...
Mirai Casual Model.png Kasuga Mirai, 14 years old! I stopped my club activities to be an idol!

I still don't know much about being an idol... but I want to try shining too!

Producer-san! Please make me an idol!

Producer (Those shining eyes and her passion... She's the real deal!)

Alright, you pass! Let's do our best together from now on!

Mirai Casual Model.png I passed!? Yes, yay! I'll be in your care, Producer-san!
Producer (A bright and honest girl... I'll raise her into an amazing idol!)

Note: All credits go to tokome on Twitter for allowing us to use this layout and translations found above are from S.T.A.L.K.E.R anon.