Miya Miyao

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Miya Miyao
Miya ML Profile.png
iM@S ML Character Data
Name: 宮尾美也 (Miyao Miya)
Voice actor: 桐谷蝶々 (Kiritani Choucho)
Age: 17
Height: 156 cm
Weight: 46 kg
Birthday: April 24th
Blood type: O
Three sizes: 84-58-83
Hobbies: Go, Shogi
Skill: Good vision
Likes: Sandwiches
Handedness: Right
Horoscope: Taurus
Hometown: Tokyo
ML Card Type: Visual
TD Card Type: Angel
Image Color:     
Miya sig.png

Miya Miyao (宮尾美也 Miyao Miya) is one of the available idols in the mobile game THE iDOLM@STER: Million Live!.


Million Live! biography

"Are you aiming to be an idol too~? ...Oh, you're not~?"

Online Character Profile


Miya is an air-headed girl with a positive attitude. She has a very easygoing, my-pace type personality and is always trying her best, though she can be a bit mischievous sometimes. She speaks politely and a bit slowly, with the latter being represented with tilde symbols (~) in almost all of her lines. She decided to apply to be an idol because she wants to be renowned in the history books, as the project claimed, as the number one idol in the world. She says that ‘Big dreams are a good thing~’.

Wants a happy and peaceful world, and works to help make her dream come true. She is extremely good at games such as go and shogi, which she plays with elders that she has become friends with. Even if Miya is considered an air-head, her ability to play these games show that she is smarter than people think she is. She has a hard time being assertive because of her personality, especially during arguments. Miya easily falls asleep in strange places and in strange ways, such as when sitting up on chairs. She enjoys doing things at her own pace, and especially loves making sandwiches for her friends and going on strolls. She believes her eyebrows are her charm point.

Despite being so laid-back, during the idol school competition Miya won as the school ruler with the help of Matsuri on the guitar and Tomoka on the bass, in the unit ‘MiyaMiya Rock Fever’. Afterwards, she cried happy tears. Tomoka, who wanted her to enter the competition, believes that she is a good leader.

Miya believes that, because she is an idol, she must always smile because she thinks that if she is always happy, others will be happy to. She thinks that even if she isn’t super amazing or talented, she can make people smile if she works hard enough. She is never shown to cry, except if it is happy tears. Because of this, she often thinks she feels okay even if she doesn’t. Even before lives, she is very calm and offers to make tea, despite being nervous and excited. She also claims she has never been mad before, or might not even know how to feel mad. Her songs are often very peaceful, and related to butterflies, which she is often associated with.

During a photoshoot, Miya unexpectedly brought along props and games because she thought it would, ‘help for everyone to have fun~’. She claimed that, if everyone was having fun during the shoot, it would help ensure that they took wonderful pictures. However, even when the producer turned her idea down, the staff taking her pictures ended up being warmed by her contagious smile, and it was enjoyable for everyone.

Wanting to pay the tsukkomi role in the boke and tsukkomi comedy routine, Miya can be very mischievous at times. Once, she tried to hide Akane-chan dolls in Mirai’s bag, but was seen when she tried to hide behind it, then exclaiming, ‘Oh my~ I’ve been seen!~’.

Game Discography

THE iDOLM@STER: Million Live!


Theater Days Commus

Miya's Main Commus

Million Live Lines


"Ah...! This may be a bit sudden, but I would like to try and work as a weather girl~."

"U~h...This outfit is too small; I can't fit my head into it~. ...Ah, this isn't mine~?"

"Eeh~? You're talking about... idol stuff~?"

"Eh~, Is it this late already? I'm surprised~."

"There's an audition today~? Of course I've memorized everything~."

"Let's take a walk together with everyone instead of doing a lesson today~."

"I managed to do this tongue twister too~. When it comes to these things, you've got to speak slowly, otherwise you'll bite your tongue~."

"Today we're concentrating on vocal lessons, right~? That's going to make me thirsty, so make sure you bring a lot of water...!"

"I made some sandwiches for Producer~. ...Are they good~?"


"I've practiced a lot for this, so I'm sure it will work out nicely~."

"I'm supposed to talk more quickly than usual, right~? I understand~, here I go~: Good morning~."

"Oh? I wasn't called out to do this? ...But, since I'm already here, I might as well participate, right~?"

"Okay, let's hurry~ ...Oh? This isn't the right way?"

"Hmm... Producer's advice... I can summarize it as "do your best", right~?"

"If I feel pressure~? Of course; I'm ve~ry nervous~."

"If you would get lost here, then I'd find you, Producer, I promise~."

"You're doing everything too fast, Producer; I'm starting to feel dizzy~."

"I heard today's work were going to have to stay late, so I already ate~. ...Now I feel great~."

"If I can do things at my own pace, then I'll be fine~"

"No matter what, we always have to smile. We're idols, after all~♪"

"The staff member even laughed this time~. Today's work really feels at home; it's lovely."

"I'm the key to today's work~? This really is a big responsibility~."

"Producer, I... I'm truly, ve~ry motivated~."

"Today's work feels very important~. I'm going to try my best~."

Unity Support

"It's alright now, everyone~."

"I've come to assist you~. I'm going to change into my cheering clothes, so just wait a minute, please~."

"I'm going to massage away your tension, so please take off your clothes~."

Login Message

"Okay, Producer, let's head out and do our best today, too~! ...Oh? I'm not coming with~? That's too bad..."

Song Discography

Trivia and Fan Culture


  • When Miya's idol profile first was released her hair and eye colors differed from other pictures. The illustration has since then been updated to match the other ones.
  • Sandwiches are her favorite food and she seems to be pretty good at making them. She likes to offer the Producer them to eat if she brings some to the office.
  • She's very popular with old men, especially those who are in the same Go and Shogi club with her.
  • Miya is often associated with butterflies, like in her image songs. This may be a reference to her seiyuu's given name meaning "butterfly".

Fan Culture

  • Fans like to call her Myaomya, which is basically slurring her name together.
  • Following her second SSR, she is often depicted in fanart with Miku Maekawa.

Character Gallery

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