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Commu 1

Producer (I came to a school that is rumored to put a lot of effort in its cultural festival to scout idols for the 39 Project and all, but...)

Bummer. I should be heading to the gymnasium right now... If I don't hurry the volunteer band is going to start their live.

Mizuki Casual Model.png Excuse me. What are you doing here? There are no booths around here.
Producer Hm? You... are you a student from this school?
Mizuki Casual Model.png Yes. My name is Makabe Mizuki and I am part of the student council. I was surveying the area to find any lost visitors.

If there's somewhere you want to go to, I can take you there. However, only if it is within the school's grounds.

Producer Sure, I'm grateful for your help. Well...

(What is this? My eyes are naturally drawn to this girl. Her voice is cute as well, with that...)

Mizuki Casual Model.png Excuse me... is there something wrong? Is there something on my face?

Oh. Perhaps you're not a visitor, but rather, a suspicious person.

I feel that this will become a case... This is bad. You're in trouble, Mizuki. Mayday, mayday.

Producer T-That's wrong...! I'm actually this...
Hand her a business card
Mizuki Casual Model.png This business card... I see. So, you produce idols then.

The idols I see on TV are very cute. Also, they shine so much... I look up to them, a little.

Producer Really? In that case, why not become one?
Mizuki Casual Model.png .....

Gasp. Due to the surprise, I forgot to breathe... It was painful.

It was very sudden, so it confused me. An idol... Can I really become one?

Producer It's only natural to be confused. That's why I can't say that you can right now...

But, you can become a bright and shining idol like the ones on TV for sure! I promise you this.

Mizuki Casual Model.png Is that so. Thank you. Me, an idol... It's somewhat hard to believe.

Thanks for scouting me. I will go home and think about it.

Producer Sure. If you think you're fine with being an idol, please contact me. I'll be waiting!
Mizuki Casual Model.png Yes, understood.
And then, on the day of the audition...
Mizuki Casual Model.png I'm Makabe Mizuki. My special skill is baton twirling, my hobby is doing magic tricks and I like crossword puzzles.
Producer It's you... thanks. So you decided to take the audition then. Which means...
Mizuki Casual Model.png Yes, I have made my resolve... My heart is beating very fast right now. It almost hurts.

But, it's strange. I don't hate how my heart is pounding right now.

I don't know if I am expressing this well... but I feel like good things will happen.

Producer. Can you change the way my heart is beating into a thrilled one?

Producer ...Of course. I want you to let me produce you as an idol of the 39 Project!
Mizuki Casual Model.png Thank you very much. I, Makabe Mizuki, shall earnestly involve myself with idol activities.

I will do my best, I will be in your care... Let's do it.

Producer (The way she speaks is unique, and she appears to be expressionless at a glance... but this girl is harboring many emotions in herself.)

(I should put my heart into expanding her capabilities. I'm sure the fans won't be able to take their eyes off of her for even a moment!)

Commu 2

Producer (Today we're taking Mizuki's profile photo. I'm looking forward to seeing how they'll turn out.)
Mizuki BNT Model.png Producer. A minute, if I may.
Producer Sure, what is it Mizuki?
Mizuki BNT Model.png Truth is. I'd like to ask for the shoot to be delayed a little.
Producer The shoot? Since we're still preparing the equipment, I think we can wait a little...
Mizuki BNT Model.png Just a little...

I'm sorry, I lied. To be honest, I want the shoot to be delayed by a lot, not just a little.

Producer A lot... for how long?
Mizuki BNT Model.png I'm not sure. Considering the current state of affairs, around three years.
Producer Three years!?
Mizuki BNT Model.png Yes. Counting in days, that would be 1,095 days. If you were to include a leap year, that number will differ.
Producer No, you don't have to count the days. At any rate, there's no way we can wait that long. What happened?
Mizuki BNT Model.png To tell you the truth, I had a thought right before I slept. That, as an idol I am a little lacking...

No, not a little, very lacking. I'm an amateur at dancing and singing. And also, my bust is...

Producer I-I get it. So what's up?
Mizuki BNT Model.png I was thinking that maybe it would be better if we only took these photos after I've grown to the level where everyone can accept me.
Producer So that's why you want three years...
Mizuki BNT Model.png But rest assured. You don't have to worry at all, my mother has a nice body... I have nice prospects for the future.
Producer That's great, Mizuki. But...
Take the photos now
Producer That's exactly why we have to take them now.
Mizuki BNT Model.png Producer?
Producer I believe one reason why people love idols, is because fans can watch their growth.
Mizuki BNT Model.png .....

I see the truth now. This means that idols are also about the unknown possibilities... In other words.

Producer Indeed. It's fun for the fans to watch the idols' growth.
Mizuki BNT Model.png Fun watching them grow... I see. In other words, idols and their fans are like grandparents and grandchildren.

Indeed, the growth of Masaru-kun, my relative, has been very interesting... It's fun, you could say.

Also, Masaru-kun's commemorative photos are quite popular within my family's circle...

Producer I-I see. Masaru-kun sure gets a lot of love.
Mizuki BNT Model.png Yes. And then, the photos we'll take now will become a record of my growth as an idol.

I think we can call this a commemorative photo shoot.

Producer I guess there's that aspect to it. Let's keep records as you develop, of every single step of your growth.
Mizuki BNT Model.png Understood. Then, please take the photos. I want to use all of the appeal of my current self.

...I'll look cute enough to rival the future Mizuki.

Producer (I guess she's ready to be in front of the camera. I'll have the current Mizuki photographed as best as I can!)

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