New generations

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New generations
Logo new generations.png
General Unit Data
Original Unit Name: ニュージェネレーション
Translated Unit Name: new generations
Unit Members: Rin Shibuya
Uzuki Shimamura
Mio Honda
Production Agency: 346 Production
Debuted in: THE iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls (anime)
Image songs: Dekitate Evo! Revo! Generation!

new generations is an idol unit that has appeared in THE iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls anime and THE iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls game. This unit consists of the three initial cards of each type (and later heroines from the anime): Rin Shibuya, Uzuki Shimamura, and Mio Honda. In the anime, it is lead by Mio, but in the game it has no clear leader.

Unit Costumes

Normal Clothes

Rin Shibuya Normal.jpg Uzuki Shimamura.JPG 3000101.jpg
CGcard Rin Shibuya Normal2.jpg 1100102.jpg 3100102.jpg

New Generation Series

CGcard Rin Shibuya SRare.jpg Uzukisr1.jpg Miosuper.jpg
CGcard Rin Shibuya SRare2.jpg Uzukisr2.jpg Miosuperplus.jpg

Pure Valentine


2nd Anniversary Series

RinShibuyaRare1.jpg UzukiShimamuraRare1.jpg Mioevent.jpg

RinShibuyaRare+1.jpg UzukiShimamuraRare+1.jpg MioEvent1.jpg

Wonderful Magic Series

RinWonderful.jpg UzukiWonderful.jpg MioWonderful.jpg
RinWonderful1.jpeg UzukiWonderful1.jpg MioWonderful1.jpg

Cinderella Girls Anime Promo Series

Rin SR10.jpg Uzuki SR8+.jpg MioDreamStory.jpg



  • In the anime, the name "new generations" was a placeholder name for when the unit could come up with a better name. At the end of Episode 5, the unit decided to stick with the name.
  • These are the color hex codes for the pink, yellow, and blue in the new generations logo:
  • Pink: #E84378
  • Yellow: #F9C03C
  • Blue: #4B6CB4