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Nonowa and the creatures are little characters in chibi form who originated from various memes, mostly from Nico Nico Douga.

ののワ (Nonowa) or ののワさん (Nonowa-san)


A chibi form of Haruka that always has a "のワの" like face (pictured of the right). She was originally a meme on 2chan, as a textual way to make reference to Haruka. Eventually, it evolved into the chibi depicted on the left. Nonowa has received official recognition by the creators of THE iDOLM@STER, who used the chibi to promote THE IDOLM@STER 4th ANNIVERSARY PARTY SPECIAL DREAM TOUR’S!! and NBGI's campaign on Nico Nico Douga.

Adaptational Appearances

やよクリ (Yayokuri)


A purple creature that resembles Yayoi. It's expression never changes.

It is best known for it's MMD model, which danced in the background of a famous video of Kotori Otonashi's Sora.

美希クリ (Mikikuri)


ちはバキュラ (Chihabakyura)


Chihaya as the indestructable Bakura enemy from the Namco game Xevious. This creature was created to make fun of Chihaya's figure.

まこにゃん (Makonyan)


A chibi form of Makoto as a catgirl.

リップーナ (Rippoona)


ほめ春香 or ホメ春香 (Home Haruka)


When the promotion on Playstation Home (PS3) added a Haruka costume, the creepy face and body texture became a meme. This version of Haruka Amami started spinoffs all over NicoNico Douga, ranging from MMD models to medley interference. It is considered one of the three most popular derivative characters on pixiv an MikuMikuDance (the others being Shiteyanyo and Kimeemaru). She is often described as a lunatic or very insane.

Adaptational Appearances