PETIT IDOLM@STER Twelve Seasons! series

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The PETIT IDOLM@STER Twelve Seasons! is a series of music CDs was released by Media Factory. Each CD features a new song sung by the featured idol. Also included in each CD is a solo version of the Puchimasu! theme song La♪La♪La♪Wonderland, a solo version of the Puchimasu! ending theme that the idol performs in, and an original drama track featuring the idol, her corresponding puchidoru, Kotori Otonashi and the Producer.

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  • If you take a look at the first Japanese syllable of the original song names for each album and arrange them in order of CD release, you'll get the surprise shown below. Altogether, this spells "ぷちます どうぞよろしくね" (Puchimasu Douzo Yoroshiku ne), which is the subtitle for the manga series. In English this means, "Puchimasu! Nice to meet you!".
Purincess Snow White
choco fondue
Doki♥Love Attraction
zone of fortune
Yooi Don!!
Royal Straight Flush
Shiawase no Recipe
Kuloset Fashion Lover
Negai Hitotsu
  • The order of CD release are arranged based on the idol's birthdays (with the exception of the Futami Twins' and Iori Minase's, who're both born in May).
Takane Shijou January 21st
Chihaya Kisaragi February 25th
Yayoi Takatsuki March 25th
Haruka Amami April 3rd
Futami Twins May 22nd
Ritsuko Akizuki June 23rd
Azusa Miura July 19th
Makoto Kikuchi August 29th
Iori Minase May 5th (placeholder for September)
Hibiki Ganaha October 10th
Miki Hoshii November 23rd
Yukiho Hagiwara December 24th