Pikopiko Planets

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Pikopiko Planets
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General Unit Data
Original Name: ピコピコプラネッツ
Translated Name: Pikopiko Planets
Members: Hinata Kinoshita
Serika Hakozaki
Tamaki Ogami
Anna Mochizuki
Production Agency: 765 Production
Debuted in: Theater Days
Image songs: Pikopiko IIKO! Invader
Get lol! Get lol! SONG
Theater Days Pair
Hinata-Serika PST Pair.png

Pikopiko Planets is a unit that appeared in Million Live!: Theater Days. The members of this unit are Hinata Kinoshita, Serika Hakozaki, Tamaki Ogami, and Anna Mochizuki.



In Adaptations