Ryu Kimura

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Ryu Kimura
SideM character data
Name: 木村龍 (Kimura Ryu)
Voice actor: 濱健人 (Hama Kento)
Age: 20
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Shoe Size: 26 kg
Birthday: May 5th
Blood type: B
Hobbies: Napping
Skills: Sewing
Handedness: Right
Horoscope: Taurus
Hometown: Chiba
Ex-Job: Fire Fighter
Card Type: Physical
Image Color:     
Ryu sig.png

Ryu Kimura (木村龍 Kimura Ryu) is one of the available idols in the mobile game THE iDOLM@STER: SideM. He is part of the unit FRAME along with Hideo Akuno and Seiji Shingen. He is voiced by Kento Hama (濱健人 Hama Kento).


SideM Idol File

Reason for Becoming an Idol: Once I become an idol, I want to be given a "Fire Marshall for a Day" job.

Personal Motto: There's no night without a dawn.

Plans for the Future: My dream is to be Japan's best fireman! ...Or it was, but because I'm really unlucky, that's nearly impossible. But I don't want to give up on my dream. I'll become a splendid idol and show everyone I can do the fire marshall's duty!

Regarding Unit Members: With Seiji-san and Hideo-san, my luck's changed. Seiji-san is an adult I can rely on and Hideo-san is... uh, sometimes scary, but alright! They're my most important friends.


Ryu is an upbeat guy who always likes to look at the bright side of things, despite the constant stream of misfortune he encounters. Ryu’s initial dream was to become the world’s best fireman, but knowing his luck, he realized it was nearly impossible. He was aware that a fireman wasn’t probably the best career choice for his clumsy self, but he thinks its worth the risk to help ones in need. Ryu is infamous for getting himself into unlucky situations. He talks very casually in his character quotes about things like accidentally dousing himself with his morning coffee, or falling down the stairs as if these were small, everyday foibles for him.

He left his previous job after accidentally tripping and knocking over someone at a crowded idol appearance. It was mistaken for an intentional assault and Ryu was forced to resign. After someone suggested him to become an idol, he eagerly accepted. He hopes to prove to his chief that he could be an amazing idol. Though he’s fully aware of his bad luck and tendency to make many mistakes, he claims to be the best at not giving up. He feels very passionate about safety and protecting others. Hideo often wonders how he is always covered in bruises if this is so. He especially feels strongly about Producer’s safety, because they never laughed at his bad luck, and instead showed him ways to counteract it. In his casual attire, he always wears multiple good luck charms attached to his belt loop.

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Trivia and Fan Culture


  • He owns a Chihuahua named John, whom he often goes to for comfort.
  • He shares the same lack of luck with Hotaru Shiragiku, who also brings good luck charms everywhere.
  • His signature shares a similarity with Koharu Koga's, in that their signatures feature a reptile.
  • He shares the same birthday with Iori Minase.
  • He is surfing buddies with Rui Maita and Chris Koron.

Fan Culture

Quotes & Conversations


Self Introduction "Since I decided to aim for Top Idol with Producer-san, it seems like fewer bad things have happened to me... Could it be that now, I've been visited by good luck!?"
Login (1) "I make a lot of mistakes, but...I'm the best when it comes to not giving up! So, please, let's work hard together!"
(2) "Good mor--ah! I, I'm okay! My shoelace just broke! Let's work hard again today!"
My Desk (Trust 0%) "This morning I haven't broken my shoelaces or fallen down the stairs... I think today I'll be in perfect form!"
My Desk (Trust 5%) "Producer-san, let's play rock-paper-scissors! Oy! ...Gwah, I lost again!!"
My Desk (Trust 30%) "Smiling is important. If you worry too much, your smile will fade, but if you can smile, it will spread to those around you, too."
My Desk (Trust MAX) "It doesn't matter how small the problem is, if you send me an SOS, I'll always come to save you!"
Change "Just by changing my appearance, I feel like my luck's also gotten better...! This way I can keep going forward without seeing any black cats or crows!"
Lesson "Leave any rescues to me!"
Jobs & Lives
Work (Trust 0%) "Alright, we finished without anything going wrong. 100 points!"
Work "Phew, it went well. I got so nervous when a black cat appeared out of nowhere."
Work (Trust MAX) "Seems that when Producer-san is with me, I can run away from bad things at full speed, huh?"
Reliability UP (1) "Producer-san, I'm sorry. Before the audition, I came across a black cat, so I think it's my fault.... *Sigh*"
(2) "Since you gave me that charm, I've seen less black cats! It's amazing! Thank you!!"
(3) "You never laughed at how unlucky I am. Instead you taught me ways to counteract it, and that made me really happy."
Reliability MAX "It's now my turn to protect you, Producer. Please don't be afraid to send me an SOS! ...Ah, my shoelace broke."
Audition Battle Preparation "With the good luck charm Shingen-san and Hideo-san gave me, I'll definitely win!"
Audition Battle (1) "I won't think of anything bad! Let's go!"
(2) "Let's test out the heat in my heart!"
Audition Battle (Backup) "I’ll absorb your bad luck! Do your best!"
Audition Battle (Win) "Luck is finally on my side!!"
Audition Battle (Lose) "Ah, as I thought... I didn’t have what it takes..."
Program Audition Preparation "Even if I lose my wallet on payday, even if crows steal my lunch, I still won’t lose!!"
Program Audition (Self) "Luck isn’t on my side, but my pals sure are!"
Program Audition (Rival) "With this heat in my heart, I’ll give it a shot!"
Live Preparation "Rain or swords may fall, bring it on! Let's go!!"
Live Continuation (1) "I'll outrun even my bad luck! Let's go!!"
(2) "I won't fall back into bad luck like this! I can still keep going!"
Live Success! (1) "Aaaah, thank goodness...I didn't fall down once, and my shoelaces didn't break!"
(2) "I got a share of the audience's good luck and managed to succeed. I'm so thankful~"
(3) "There were some suspenseful parts, but in the end, everything worked out! ...How's that?"
Hideo Akuno Conversation
Desk (1) Ryu: "Shoelaces are tied! Lucky charms are all on me! Let's go!"
Hideo: "Hey, you dropped your safe driving charm!"
Desk (2) Hideo: "I hope we can finish our work without any problems."
Ryu: "Please pray that nothing will happen..."
Live Hideo: "Ryu, are you all ready?"
Ryu: "I double-checked my shoelaces! Let's go!"
Seiji Shingen Conversation
Desk (1) Ryu: "Shingen-san, you seem like you have good luck..."
Seiji: "Meeting you certainly was good luck."
Desk (2) Seiji: "Won't your luck get better if you laugh loudly?"
Ryu: "Wahahaha! ...The tension went up!"
Live Ryu: "Ah-- I'm so nervous... Pray that I won't fall!"
Seiji: "Today will definitely be fine. Believe in yourself."

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