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General Unit Data
Original Unit Name: SLEEPING BEAUTY
Translated Unit Name: SLEEPING BEAUTY
Unit Members: Chihaya Kisaragi
Haruka Amami
Miki Hoshii
Producer: Kyouhei Suruga (駿河恭平)
Production Agency: 765 Production
Debuted in: THE iDOLM@STER 2: Nemurihime
Image songs: Nemurihime
Weiβ Schwarz TCG Cards

SLEEPING BEAUTY is a unit that appears in THE iDOLM@STER 2: Nemurihime manga. Chihaya Kisaragi, Haruka Amami, and Miki Hoshii are the members of this unit. This unit was created by the Producer after producing Chihaya, who had been going solo. The group decided for there not to be an official leader because they all help each other excel.


After producing Chihaya as a solo unit, the Producer decided to create a unit. Haruka and Miki both were told they would be getting a new producer for their solo careers, but instead the Producer decided to put them together to form "SLEEPING BEAUTY". While initially Chihaya had trouble adjusting to the newcomers, her experience and determination helped the trio in many ways. The two new idols were not as practiced as Chihaya, but their charisma and personalities made up for their lack of knowledge.

The girls took part in a "Sleeping Beauty" LIVE promotional event to help a nearby business, and gained popularity on the beaches of Japan. They got their first recording with the song "Nemurihime", appeared on radio shows, and did gravure shoots. Not long later, SLEEPING BEAUTY also had a national tour, which their image song Nemurihime appeared in.


In Adaptations


  • While this unit's members are commonly depicted in THE iDOLM@STER series as a group and have sung songs together (Watashi wa Idol ♥, Kamisama no Birthday, IDOL POWER RAINBOW, and Ai MUST GO! ) they have yet to produce a song under the name of this unit.
  • This unit is the first to not feature a collaboration event with 765 PRO after the creation of their unit.
  • SLEEPING BEAUTY's producer was referenced in THE iDOLM@STER 2: The world is all one!! manga via a joke he pulled on Chihaya that the Producer of SprouT attempted to pull on Haruka Amami. Unfortunately for SprouT's producer, the joke failed to amuse Haruka. Chihaya on the other hand, laughed immediately afterwords.