Shiki Aoki

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Shiki Aoki
Shiki Aoki.png
Voice Actress Profile
Name: 青木志貴
Nickname: 魔王 eerie (Devil eerie), しきくん (Shiki-kun)
Birthplace:  ????
Birthdate: Jan 14, 1990
Age: 29
Height: 162cm
Blood: AB
Agency: Miki Production
Occupations: Voice Provider,
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Miki Production Page

Shiki Aoki (青木志貴 Aoki Shiki) is the voice provider for Asuka Ninomiya. They are represented by the talent agency Miki Production.

Other Roles


Ore Monogatari!! as as Actress (ep 13)

Non-Anime Roles

  • Nami Hayasaka in "Water Girl" (VG) (Japanese)
  • Pheles Izayoi in "Kami-sama to Unmei Kakusei no Cross Thesis" (VG) (Japanese)
  • Scarlet in "Granado Espada" (MMORPG) (Japanese)
  • Yuki-onna in "Toukiden Kiwami" (VG) (Japanese)


  • They have the nickname of "Devil" as a gamer because of their good gaming skills.
  • They are also a cosplayer.
  • They won the tournament of Texas Hold'em (a kind of poker) in High school.
  • Their favourite game is Tekken.
  • They identify as LGBT:FTX.