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Commu 1

Producer (Auditions for the "39 Project" have been very interesting. Okay, next one is... a serious girl.)
Shizuka Casual Model.png Hello, my name is Mogami Shizuka. Well, I...
Producer Hmm?
Shizuka Casual Model.png I came here today, with the intention of passing this audition. Thank you for your time!
Producer Nice to meet you. I'm the producer of 765 Pro. I see that you're quite fired up for this.
Shizuka Casual Model.png Eh? ...You're the producer?
Producer That's right. Is there something bothering you?
Shizuka Casual Model.png No, it's nothing.

...I wonder if this is going to be alright...

Producer Err... according to your profile, you mentioned that you learned how to play the piano.
Shizuka Casual Model.png That is correct, I learned to play the piano when I was young. I also play tennis.

I think that my sense of music isn't bad. While I taught myself how to sing, I've been practicing quite a lot...

In order to become an idol, I tried to learn all the things I need to know.

Producer Even before taking the auditions? You have quite the enthusiasm there.
Shizuka Casual Model.png That's a given. After all, I want to become an idol.

Since I am seriously aiming to be an idol, I have to do all I possibly can to make it happen.

Producer I see... So Mogami-san, that's how seriously you've been thinking about idols, right?
Shizuka Casual Model.png That is correct.
Producer (That look on her face... While I don't know her reasons, she's very serious about this audition.)
Shizuka Casual Model.png I have to pass this audition, and become an idol...

If I let this chance slip by... it will be all over for me...

Producer All over...?
Shizuka Casual Model.png Oh... I beg of you! I want to become an idol, no matter what!

In order to become an idol, I will do anything! That's why...!

Producer H-hold on a second there.
Shizuka Casual Model.png Eh? ...Is there something wrong?
Producer No... sorry about that. I was a little overwhelmed by your momentum.
Shizuka Casual Model.png Overwhelmed...?
Producer (She really looked desperate back then... Did she not notice how she looked earlier?)
Shizuka Casual Model.png ...This person is supposed to be the producer of 765 Pro, isn't he. At this rate, I'm starting to wonder if this is really alright...?
Producer Did you say something?
Shizuka Casual Model.png No, I did not. ...In any case, I want to become an idol.

I have to become the Top Idol, as soon as possible. If I don't...

Producer ...
Shizuka Casual Model.png And for that to happen, I need your help. ...Please!
Producer (That drive of hers... and her eagerness to learn the basics of an idol...)
You pass!
Producer You pass, Mogami-san. From now on, let's work hard and aim to become the Top Idol!
Shizuka Casual Model.png Really...!? Th-thank you very much!

I'm seriously aiming to be the Top Idol! I'm looking forward to working with you!

Producer Yes, I know.

(While I'm curious about her circumstances... that doesn't change the fact that she's got potential.)

(I can't wait to see what kind of idol she's going to turn into!)

Commu 2

Producer (Today is the shoot for Shizuka's publicity photo. Let's see... I wonder where she is right now?)
Shizuka BNT Model.png Producer?
Producer Oh, Shizuka.
Shizuka BNT Model.png Why are you looking around so restlessly? You shouldn't really be doing that.
Producer Sorry about that... or rather, I was looking for you. Where were you?
Shizuka BNT Model.png I was greeting all the staff members. Coming in early to greet people is what a newcomer should do, right?
Producer So, that's what you were up to. You sure are mature for your age.
Shizuka BNT Model.png ...
Producer Even though today is your first job as an idol, are you not feeling nervous?

But if there's anything that worries you, feel free to ask me anything.

Shizuka BNT Model.png Say, Producer. Please don't treat me as if I'm still a kid.

I've studied everything in regards to the shoot, so there's no need for you to worry.

I've already done the greetings on my own. It will be the same for the shoot, so I will be able to carry it out exactly as planned.

Producer (Shizuka may say it that way, but her expressions are a little stiff.)
Shizuka BNT Model.png W-what is it? You're awfully staring too hard at my face...

Ah! Could it be that my makeup's coming off...!?

Producer No, that's not it. It's quite cute on you if you ask me.
Shizuka BNT Model.png I... is that so.


Producer Yeah... You seem to have things under control, so you may not need any advice from me.
Shizuka BNT Model.png Eh...?
Producer Shizuka should show herself the way she is. Yeah, that was what the seniors back in the agency were all saying.
Shizuka BNT Model.png !

They really said that... Haruka-san, and Chihaya-san too.

Producer Yeah. So there's no need for you to hold back. After all, you are aiming to be the Top Idol!
Shizuka BNT Model.png O-of course that was my intention in the first place.


Your opinion has been a little helpful to me, Producer. Umm... th-thank you about that.

After that...
Producer (Shizuka did all she could in front of the camera, and finished the shoot for her publicity photo.)

Excellent work, Shizuka! Even the cameraman praised you for the nice pictures he took.

Shizuka BNT Model.png It's the least that I can do by myself. I already said this earlier but please don't treat me like a child.
Producer Yes, you did. I'll be more careful from now on.
Shizuka BNT Model.png From now on, I will be handling the things that concern me.

Producer, you should focus on promotions and other tasks. Thank you for your cooperation in advance.

Producer (Shizuka doesn't seem to completely trust me yet...)

(In that case... I should focus on making Shizuka feel at ease with her activities as an idol.)

Commu 3

Producer (Today will be Shizuka's first appearance on stage. She's not nervous or anything, right?)
Shizuka BNT Model.png I make a turn here...

This is bad! I can't get the timing right...!

It's almost time for the actual performance... I-I have to practice just one more time from the top!

Producer Shizuka? What's the matter, you're sweating so much!

Have you had something to drink? Also, your towel's...

Shizuka BNT Model.png I'm just fine, you don't have to worry.

I'd feel much better if I were able to move my body. Besides... I haven't completely learned this dance yet.

Producer (It looks like her nervousness is making her see her own faults more. I have to calm her down a little.)
Shizuka BNT Model.png I'm not in sync with the timing, and I can't get into the rhythm...

Why...? Why is this happening? I was able to do them until yesterday...!

Producer Shizuka, forget about that and calm down for a second. Okay?
Shizuka BNT Model.png I'm perfectly calm here!

I can't afford to fail, no matter what... I have to show results in today's stage...

Producer (Shizuka's completely panicking... she doesn't seem to be aware of what's going on around her.)

Say, Shizuka. What do you think is the most important thing in the concert of an idol?

Shizuka BNT Model.png Geez, it should be obvious. That's to be able to show a perfect performance.
Producer Indeed, it would be great if you were able to give the perfect performance.

However, the aim here isn't about being able to sing and dance well, right?

To do lessons every day, to remember the dance steps.

To be able to give the perfect performance, who are these things being done for?

Shizuka BNT Model.png That would be... oh.
Producer Well?
Shizuka BNT Model.png That would be... for the audience... For the fans who are cheering me on...
Producer That's right! The most important thing is to give the audience a great time.

You can do that, right Shizuka?

Shizuka BNT Model.png Yes...
Producer Alright! Now go out there. The audience has been waiting for you, Shizuka!
Shizuka BNT Model.png ...

Umm... wait!

Producer Yes, what is it? Still have something on your mind?
Shizuka BNT Model.png N-no, that's not it...

Producer. Th-thank you very much... for that advice.

Oh... th-that is all! I'll be going now!

Producer ..Shizuka! I'll be watching from backstage!

(In order to hide her embarrassed face, Shizuka turned her back to me and ran towards the stage.)

(Today marks the day that Shizuka makes her debut on the stage.... the beginning of the legend of Mogami Shizuka!)

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