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Sora Kitamura
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SideM character data
Name: 北村想楽 (Kitamura Sora)
Voice actor: 汐谷文康 (Shioya Fumiyoshi)
Age: 19
Height: 174 cm
Weight: 62 kg
Shoe Size: 26.5 cm
Birthday: November 28th
Blood Type: B
Hobbies: Traveling Alone
Skills: Calligraphy
Writing Hand: Right
Horoscope: Sagittarius
Hometown: Mie
Ex-Job: General Store Worker
Card Type: Mental
Image Color:     
Sora sig.png

Sora Kitamura (北村想楽 Kitamura Sora) is one of the available idols in the mobile game THE iDOLM@STER: SideM as one of the three winners of the New Idol Discovery Audition. He is voiced by Fumiyoshi Shioya (汐谷文康 Shioya Fumiyoshi).


Character Description and Personality

Sora is quiet with a laid-back aura and an artistic disposition. He is very observant of those around him and composes haiku in his head about other people. He also incorporates haiku into his regular speech and as a general store worker, he often wrote haiku for advertisement boards as well. He cares deeply about being true to himself and his interests, driving his decision to become an idol. After seeing his upperclassmen hide their personalities to job hunt and his older brother, an artist, become too busy with work to draw, Sora wondered if he could continue to be himself in the future. This is when he happened upon the announcement for the 315 Pro idol auditions in a magazine.

Despite his outward nature, he's actually quite cunning and sometimes blunt, poking fun at his unitmates, although this is often in the form of haiku he keeps to himself. He's also very serious when it comes to his work, when Legenders had their first interview, Sora immediately asked about the details of the interview, preparing their answers and a tagline for the interview beforehand, as well as telling Amehiko to not make rude jokes and Chris to not talk about the sea, demonstrating that he had already picked up on their quirks. Despite Sora being the youngest, the other two seem to respect him and follow what he says, and their interview is successful. Despite claiming that he became an idol to be himself, he found himself hiding Legenders’ true personalities during their first interview seemingly for publicity’s sake, and admits to the irony of him putting on different faces whilst performing. He wants to help others to be more like themselves as well, believing that others would be happier that way, but he’ll tell this to them in a bluntly honest way that can come off as rude or insulting, causing problems for him.

Sora prepares diligently for his other work as well, researching for every job he has, as he believes that showing effort or inexperience is unsightly, especially in his dancing. He’ll devote himself to improving his skills, but as he wants to appear effortless, he refuses to appear weak by asking anyone outside of his unit for help. As well as being insecure about his lack of dancing skill, he’s insecure about his appearance, disliking that he looks childish next to his unitmates, changing his poses and facial expressions to appear more mature.

He feels more comfortable around animals than humans, saying that they’re never two-faced so he doesn’t need to be wary around them. Amehiko and Chris note that he shows rare gentle expressions around animals, and animals seem to love him, with a dog in the Horse-Riding Gentlemen event rushing over to him, and a bird flying in through the window to land on his hand in the Happy Resort Wedding event. He admires animals for their honesty and wants to be as true to himself as they are.


Originally from Mie, Sora shares an apartment with his older brother in Tokyo, where he attends university. After seeing his artist brother get an office job and become overworked to the point where he rarely came home or slept, let alone had time to paint, and his upperclassmen talking about hiding their personalities to find work, Sora believed that he would end up on the same path. Whilst worrying about this he decided to distract himself by reading a magazine, when he came across an advertisement for 315 Productions’ auditions.

As a young child, he was honest to a close friend when trying to help them and accidentally insulted them, causing them to fight and never speak again. After this, he closed himself off from others and didn’t allow himself to get close to anyone, or for anyone to get close to him, fearing that he’d hurt others or be hated. As he continued to close himself off until he joined 315 Productions and slowly became friends with Amehiko and Chris, his loneliness caused him to be jealous of Jupiter and Beit’s close bonds when Legenders first started idol activities, but now they feel as if they’re similar to Beit’s familial dynamic, even if they don’t appear to be as close at first glance. His fear of hurting others doesn’t apply to Amehiko and Chris, as he frequently banters with Amehiko and anything insulting flies over Chris’ head, but he continues to worry about hurting others and public opinion. Slowly but surely, Sora begins to make friends outside of his unit, bonding over lack of dancing skill and an interest in tea with Kuro in Xmas Live 2017 side:prelude, Kazuki finding his blunt honesty helpful for bettering himself in Write for someone, and bonding over a joint passion for travel with Tsubasa and Yukihiro in his offshot card.

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Trivia and Fan Culture


  • Sora is based on a historical figure Matsuo Basho, the most famous poet of the Edo period in Japan.
  • He has no preference between cats or dogs, saying he likes both.
  • He ends most sentences with ー, usually translated as ~, as his speech frequently trails off.
  • Despite being average height, Sora looks small next to Amehiko and Chris, with fans who see them in person being surprised at how big Sora is, much to his annoyance.
  • Sora attends Rikkyo University, one of Tokyo’s “Big Five” of top universities.

Fan Culture

  • Sora is part of the unofficial unit 19歳組 (lit. 19 year old group, often shortened to 19gumi by English-speaking fans), alongside Kuro and Kazuki. The three share similar themes of being true to themselves due to their age, and have a joint calm and mature aura. They featured in an event together in Write for someone ~A Reminiscent Sky~, fittingly set in 19th century London.
  • Sora has two shirts with birds printed on them, and is often depicted with birds, especially black and white birds.

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