Spending Summer Vacation With Everyone

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Spending Summer Vacation With Everyone
Episode 05
Original Title: みんなとすごす夏休み
Romanized Title: Minna to Sugosu Natsuyasumi
Translated Title: Spending Summer Vacation With Everyone
Airing Date: August 5, 2011
Previous Episode: That Changes Who I Am
Next Episode: The Decision to Continue Forward

Spending Summer Vacation With Everyone is the fifth episode of THE iDOLM@STER anime. It originally aired on August 5, 2011.


It's summer, but the studio's air conditioner is broken. So the Producer agrees to bring the girls to the beach for a vacation while the air conditioner is repaired. As everyone enjoys their time, office clerk Kotori Otonashi receives an important call from President Takagi back at the studio. Come nightfall, the Producer and the idols stay at a local inn where they enjoy a barbecue, have an outdoor bath, and play games. As everyone goes to sleep, Haruka, Chihaya, Makoto and Iori have some small talk about their vacation and where their careers might be in a year. After the vacation, President Takagi makes an announcement about his approval of a new project: Ryuuguu Komachi, produced by Ritsuko.


  • Old woman (CV: Rie Takahashi)
  • Boy A (CV: Ryo Oshima)
  • Boy B (CV: Yuuki Hayashi)


Opening Song
  • READY!! (sung by: 765PRO ALLSTARS)
Insert Songs
  • Kami SUMMER!! (sung by: Haruka Amami, Yayoi Takatsuki, The Futami Twins, Yukiho Hagiwara, Iori Minase, and Takane Shijou)
Ending Song
  • MOONY (sung by: Chihaya Kisaragi, Azusa Miura, Makoto Kikuchi, Miki Hoshii, Hibiki Ganaha, and Ritsuko Akizuki)
BGMs, Themes, and Cameos


Screenplay Writers
  • Tatsuya Takahashi (高橋龍也)
Storyboard Directors
  • Shinobu Yoshioka (吉岡忍)
  • Takahiro Majima (間島崇寛)
Animation Directors
  • Kazuhiro Takamura (高村和宏)
  • Tetsuya Kawakami (川上哲也)
  • Masato Onoda (小野田将人)
  • Haruko Iizuka (飯塚晴子)
  • Koichi Motomura (本村晃一)
Script Writer
  • Tatsuya Takahashi (高橋龍也)
Ending Storyboard Directors
  • Atsushi Nishikori (錦織敦史)
Episode Director
  • Takahiro Majima
Unit Director for Ending
  • Atsushi Nishikori (錦織敦史)


  • Both the "Beauty Swimsuit" and "765 School Swimsuit" costumes appear in this episode, worn by the 765 Production idols.
  • After drinking a few cans of alcohol, Azusa can be heard singing a tune with the words "Neko neko nyan nyan". This is a reference to a mini drama by Chiaki Takahashi from THE IDOLM@STER RADIO.
  • Early in the episode, Ritsuko Akizuki can be seen handling the Ryuuguu Komachi proposal.
  • Some of the beer cans Azusa Miura and the Producer drink are branded "MINASE BEER".
  • Interestingly, Ami Futami is shown to have a different set of photos than the ones taken in the previous shoot from the last episode. This was probably done in order for Ritsuko to prepare for her proposal of Ryuuguu Komachi.
  • In iM@STUDIO Episode 47, it was confirmed that the song Sunny was originally planned to be included in the episode, but was cut in favor of creating the new song Kami SUMMER!!. In fact, the episodes were all planned using previously existing songs, some of which were swapped with new songs that were created to better suit the mood required.