Subaru Nagayoshi

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Subaru Nagayoshi
Subaru ML Profile.png
iM@S ML character data
Name: 永吉昴 (Nagayoshi Subaru)
Voice actor: 斉藤佑圭 (Saitou Yuka)
Age: 15
Height: 154 cm
Weight: 41 kg
Birthday: September 20th
Blood type: B
Three sizes: 79-59-78
Hobbies: Baseball
Skill: Curve ball, Housework
Likes: Idols
Handedness: Left
Horoscope: Virgo
Hometown: Tokyo
ML Card Type: Dance
TD Card Type: Fairy
Image Color:     
Subaru sig.png

Subaru Nagayoshi (永吉昴 Nagayoshi Subaru) is one of the available idols in the mobile game THE iDOLM@STER: Million Live!. Her basic card is normal.


Million Live! biography

I told my parents “I want to be an idol as well”, so here I am! Let's do our best!

Online Character Profile


Subaru is a lively baseball fan in possession of lots of stamina and will sometimes even incorporate baseball terminology into her speech while discussing matters completely unrelated to the sport - often resulting in someone reminding her that "this isn't baseball!" Subaru ended up being scouted as an idol when she met the producer, after almost accidentally hitting them with a foul ball in the middle of her training. At first however, the producer actually assumes that she's a boy, mainly due to Subaru's tendency to use more commonly masculine aligned language, such as referring to herself using "ore" rather than the common "watashi". She’s been mistaken for a boy on multiple occasions throughout the series purely because of her choice of language. Subaru's parents often wish she would act more feminine but Subaru is adamant about embracing her interests and reveals that her personality was mainly influenced by her 4 older brothers, who often look after her as her parents tend to be quite busy. While Subaru gets along well with her brothers, and admits they're all nice to her, she dislikes being treated as if she's a child by them. She even reveals one of her brothers is a big fan of idols and explains she received advice from him on how to be a proper idol since debuting too.

Very outgoing and friendly - she helps the more reserved idols (such as Roco) with socialising and likes to see them have fun, ensuring they feel included in activities. Anytime Subaru gets nervous, she likes to head out and play some baseball, or even just move around a little as it usually clears her head and helps her relax. In general, Subaru can struggle when it comes to trying to stay still and loves to remain active, so she often tries to invite the other theater members to play some baseball with her too. Subaru is very proud of her curve ball abilities and often uses them against Noriko, who gets very fired up while playing against her since she struggles to handle them. It's also a running gag for Subaru to play ball games indoors which leads to her receiving a serious questioning from Kotoha when she is caught - while everyone else manages to run away from Kotoha, Subaru usually ends up getting caught in her grasp and is punished accordingly.

Subaru tends to fawn over others girls a lot, often admiring how cute and amazing girls can be despite also being a girl herself. One of the most common subjects of her admiration tends to be Yuriko; Subaru has been motivated by her performances and personality a number of times, leading to the two of them being seen together a lot despite their contrasting interests. However, Subaru can also talk rather negatively about herself when she notes how cute the girls around her are and claims that she would just "get in the way". Subaru also has a large amount of female fans that often think she’s very handsome, which she assures she doesn’t mind being described as. Some of the other idols - such as Tsubasa and the Futami twins - also fawn over her at times, with Ami even claiming that she was "moe moe" for Subaru. In general, Subaru likes to embrace her sporty side and previously viewed working as an idol as a means of appeasing her parents' wish. She often tries to act "cuter" or more "lady-like" for their sake and even goes out of her way to ask some of the other idols for advice at times too.

Considers herself to be her own rival - referring to herself as weak because she sometimes cannot say what’s truly on her mind or express to others how she feels. Subaru struggles to voice her concerns, especially at times when others are happy – an example being when she felt uncomfortable in the Big Balloon unit’s frilly outfit but because everyone else thought it was cute, she decided to keep her thoughts to herself. Subaru even pushed herself too hard and ended up crying because of how much her nerves overwhelmed her, as well as feeling very uncomfortable in clothes she never would’ve worn before. Subaru felt as though she wasn’t capable of upholding the unit’s cute theme on stage, and believed she was holding everyone else back. When Konomi realises that she never noticed Subaru’s struggle, she almost cried out of guilt, which lead to Subaru apologising profusely: "No! Konomi-san, I'm sorry! It's all my fault! I! I didn’t want to bother you!" Despite it all, Subaru eventually comes to believe, that deep down, she sometimes looks cute and while she may feel a little off, she doesn’t hate this side of her – although she definitely won’t give up on her interests either. Subaru also appreciates Chizuru’s knowledge on etiquette and even claims to adore her, being more than willing to learn from her.

Subaru often heads out on rides on the back of Noriko’s scooter and the two even go see the sunrise together; she’s also a fan of yakiniku like Noriko as well. Subaru possesses a lot of energy and sometimes she’ll get so invested in whatever she’s doing that she’ll forget about her surroundings. This is seen when she began to play the taiko drums and started having so much fun that she made a ridiculous amount of noise. She was so loud that she couldn’t even hear Fuka calling for her over the top of all the ruckus she was making. Subaru can get herself into a number of comedic situations too - such as when both Yuriko and herself, fell in love with Shika's introduction (Grüß Gott) and tried to replicate it themselves onstage. However, when they headed out, they mispronounced it and greeted the fans with "Gutenberg" and "grand slam" respectively instead, leading to the two of them pausing and then panicking despite making the audience burst into laughter.

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Trivia and Fan Culture


  • Sometimes Subaru is depicted as a trio with Noriko and Ayumu, called Rocket Gang ("Roketto Dan") as the three of them are all athletic, outgoing and energetic.
  • When she was asked what kind of animal she reminded herself of, she asked if there is an animal that’s good at baseball because it would be that, but if not then a chimp.
  • In the original manga, Subaru didn't know what a "Yamato Nadeshiko" was and eventually asked Emily who it was that she kept referring to.

Fan Culture

  • She is sometimes depicted in fanworks with fellow baseball enthusiast Yuki Himekawa.

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