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THE IDOLM@STER is a manga adaptation inspired of the anime series. Taking place right after the 765 Production's thank-you concert, it focuses of the daily lives of the idols as they are now well known.

Volume 1

Front cover
Manga details
Original title: THE IDOLM@STER 1
Author: まな (Mana)
Pages: 175
Publication date: 27 March 2013
Publisher: Ichijinsha
ISBN: 978-4758063593 / 978-4758063586 (special edition)

CHAPTER 1 - Amami Haruka 1

During a break in her hometown, while walking with some friends, Haruka is shocked when she sees posters of her on the front of a music store she used to go to often. Two fans passing by recognising her, ask her for a handshake, to which her friends oppose due to the idol status she now has.

Back at the 765PRO office, Makoto having the same harassement problem, as well as Yukiho and Chihaya, suggests to Haruka to disguise herself, while Chihaya thinks there is no need to hide. Kotori interrupts their conversation showing them a completely packed board with jobs for every 765PRO idols, amazing them. Then Mami, Miki and Hibiki show up in the office followed by Producer right on time to watch Yayoi's "Cooking ABCDE" show on TV, which she spells wrong during the opening, allowing her to be corrected by Takane whom she shares the show with.

Haruka, Makoto, Yukiho and Chihaya are then taken to a solo photo shooting session, to which Chihaya has difficulty about smiling. Makoto and Haruka then come to a way to make her smile by jumping on her from behind during her shooting, surprising her. To the Producer's surprise, the photograph liked the result and asked for all four of them to gather for a photo.

After the job, they went to clothing shops to find a good way for Haruka to not be recognised by fans. While trying glasses, Makoto jokingly told Haruka to remove her signature ribbons to make her instantly unrecognisable, while Chihaya suggests to add a hat, which makes the disguise working for them. As the turn for disguising Chihaya as come, Haruka comes with the idea to change her haircut to twintails which left the incoming Producer speechless, and Chihaya embarrassed.

In the train on her way home, the undisguised Haruka overhear a conversation between two fans about 765PRO idols, which makes her putting her glasses and hat discreetly. While the fans talked about which idol they prefered, Haruka was stunned when one of them mentionned her name. Before going home, Haruka went to buy some sweets and received a cheer support from the seller who recognised her despite her disguise, adding that everyone around was fans of her. Remembering what Chihaya said about not needing to hide from fans, Haruka takes off her glasses and hat, thanking him while leaving.

CHAPTER 2 - Amami Haruka 2

Haruka arriving at the office with a self cooked cake intended for the Producer, is welcomed by Kotori who warns her of the Producer sleeping, who is woken up in panic by a phone call. After helping him washing his awakening face, Haruka is memsmerized by the fact it is the first time she sees him without his glasses on, before going back to her senses and telling him that he could take a piece of the cake she baked. However, her hopes are reduced to nothing when she notices that her cake has been eaten by Hibiki, Takane and Miki who compliments her on her baking skills. As Chihaya enters the office, the Producer tells them about a live broadcast show on sunday afternoons they will be doing. The Producer then goes on as to explain everyone's roles on the show. Presenting Haruka, Chihaya and Miki as the main announcers, with Haruka being the center one. Hibiki would hold the "Hibiki Challenge" part, while Takane would do the "Shop Expedition" one.

During a work, Haruka and Chihaya get nervous about the show they'll be presenting, with the latter not good at socializing asking the first to back her up if needed, with Haruka answering favorably while realising she's not confident herself. As Chihaya is called to go by a staff member, Iori, Ami and Azusa show up to Haruka, getting cheered up by the three of them and told to be natural. Ritsuko then appears, telling Haruka that she, Miki and Chihaya were choosen specifically by the President, the Producer and herself. As Ryuuguu Komachi members are leaving for their next appointment, Iori gives a last cheer to Haruka.

Back at the office, the Producer goes on to give details about the show to come. Yayoi will hold the "Smile Exercices" segment, Makoto along Yukiho the "Change Every Time" segment, Hibiki the "Hibiki Challenge" segment, Takane commenting on the unclear title from before would then do the "Ramen Expedition" segment, Futami twins the "Amimami" segment. Afterward, as Haruka goes back to think how worried she is, being envious of the carefree way Miki is, the Producer comes to her cheering her up, telling her that she's always helping and everyone has confidence in her, and even if she mess up at some point, the others would still be there to back her up.

On the day of the live broadcast show, Are We Live!? Sunday!! happened without major problems. After the show, Haruka went to the Producer, telling him she had fun, giving him another sweet she baked he could finally taste, and being happy that he loved it.

CHAPTER 3 - Hoshii Miki 1

After a live song, Miki is congratulated by Ryuuguu Komachi members, but with the Producer nowhere to be found, Ritsuko tells her that he went to the next location during her song due to the amount of works everyone has. Which makes Miki annoyed since she wanted praises from him mostly. On their way back, Miki, sleeping in the car, is awakening hearing Ritsuko mentionning that she talked with the President about grouping Miki, Hibiki and Takane into a unit temporarily, with Ritsuko producing them instead of the Producer, which annoys Miki.

During a training session with Hibiki and Takane, Miki is absentminded, thinking the Producer might be getting away from her, when Kotori shows up to warn her about going to the next work place. As she arrives there, she sees the Producer and tries to talk to him but before she could say much, he rushes her to the make-up room to prepare for the photo shooting. However, the shooting doesn't go well as Miki is not into it. During a short break, the Producer notices Miki's unhappy mood, and asks her what she wanted to talk about. Miki reminds him the promise he made to make her an idol, to which he conforts her by confirming that he will always be her producer and that he saw her and the others growing. Ensuing Miki to hug the Producer, to his dismay. Following this event, she regained her happy carefree way and did her works flawlessly.

Sometime later, Miki, Hibiki and Takane received their vampire costumes, being told by Kotori to check if they are confortable, to which Hibiki notice being a bit tight around the waist, which gets her a comment from Takane about to not over eat. Miki goes to the Producer to ask about his opinion of the dress, which he finds good while embarrassingly looking away from her. Miki noticing his behavior threatens him to suck his blood if he doesn't look at her.

CHAPTER 4 - Hoshii Miki 2

Presenting their new project, Miki, Hibiki and Takane show some awkward promotion before flawlessly performing their song Kyun! Vampire Girl on stage, during which the reporter Yoshizawa shows up to the watching Producer, commenting on each idol of the trio. After the song, in backstage, the Producer praises the girls' stage performance despite being worried at the beginning. The three kept training and promoting successfully, to the point that the Producer tell them that the launch of the song might has been good enough to best Ryuuguu Komachi's SMOKY THRILL, which motivates Miki even more.

Some time later, at the office, Mami appears to have bought the newly released Miki's photo album and watch it with Yayoi, Makoto and Yukiho. As the girls fascinated by Miki's appearance wonder what she eats to be like that, come to the conclusion that the only food Miki eats being onigiris, those might be the source of her appearance and decide to eat a lot of them as well, to the surprise of Haruka and Chihaya entering the office at that time.

On their side, Miki, Hibiki and Takane do not get much rest since the release of their CD, and have to do on their own due to the amount of work the Producer have outside of them. While on a train, Hibiki and Takane are even surprised to the fact that Miki doesn't complain as she would usually do when the Producer is not around her. However, Miki's answer left them unsatisfied as she fell asleep during it.

At the station, they find the Producer waiting for them, apologizing for leaving them on their own, to get them to their last work for the day, a nationwide broadcast. During their song segment on the show, they attracted the interest of three boys aside commenting about their performance, especially Miki's.

Few days later, watching the broadcast on TV at the office, the Producer tells Ritsuko how nervous he was at that time, and that he now knows how she feels. She then comments on how Miki has grown reliable but it will not be any easier from then on. Miki then comes to the Producer affirming that she will work harder from now on, so that her "Honey" should keep his eyes on her. Ritsuko reacted on the spot yelling at Miki for being close to the Producer too much as well as forbidding the "Honey" word.

CHAPTER 5 - Ganaha Hibiki 1

Hibiki does not get much rest time, as the Producer hurry her up to change after a photo shooting session to go to the next place to animate an animal show.

At the office, the Producer wondering about an annual drama project, asks Kotori what she thinks of Hibiki as an idol and naturally. As an idol, she sees Hibiki as cheerful, energetic and attractive, but naturally, she seems lonely. The Producer then shares the idea of giving the project's role to Hibiki with Ritsuko, with the latter thinking it being to early to give such a role to Hibiki, but leaves it up to the Producer since he is the one in charge of her.

Hibiki being surprised to learn she has been chosen by the Producer for the role, is handed the details of the character she will play, but does not seem to fit as her image is different from the one she is asked to be. Nonetheless, the Producer is confident and tells her that her willingness to do it is what matters most. However, after reading the script, Hibiki does not understand the feeling of the character such as love, but the Producer stays confident and tells her to think about it. Hibiki then consults the other idols, who does not help her much with their own visions of love. Though, with the help of Yukiho and Chihaya, she ends to the fact she should get her own vision of it.

Volume 2

Front cover
Manga details
Original title: THE IDOLM@STER 2
Author: まな (Mana)
Pages: 179
Publication date: 27 December 2013
Publisher: Ichijinsha
ISBN: 978-4758064200

CHAPTER 6 - Ganaha Hibiki 2

During a meeting with the drama's staff, Hibiki is stunned at the way the director answers her questions coldly, leaving her more uneasy about her role. For the few next days until the filming, Hibiki, with help from the Producer, studied the drama's character, to be able to find a definition a love fitting to the role. However, on the day of the shooting, many takes are done over and over, which demoralizes Hibiki, but she gets motivated when the Producer tells her that she is improving after each takes. On the following take, as she's wondering about the drama's character, she starts thinking as if the situation was real, with her friends instead of her character's lover. Understanding and feeling what love is to her, as she shed tears to those thoughts, the take is finally kept.

CHAPTER 7 - Futami Mami 1

Mami, after an argument with her sister, goes for a photo shooting, which goes well. However, they get into a traffic jam as they go for the next work. Mami uses this time to explain to the Producer the reason the twins got into a fight was because of Mami being jealous of Ami's success within Ryuugou Komachi, which prompts the Producer to make Mami catch up to her sister. As they finally arrive for the music recording with Yayoi and Yukiho, Mami almost fall over before being catched back by Yukiho.

CHAPTER 8 - Futami Mami 2

In the changing room, despite Mami feinting to be well, the Producer notices she has a fever and asks Yukiho and Yayoi to do the reharsal on without Mami to let her rests for the time being. While the Producer then went to warn staff members about Mami's condition, she calls to her sister whose unit was not too far from her place. Not long after, the Producer notices Ritsuko's presence along Iori and Azusa, and goes on to check on Mami's condition. Yayoi, Yukiho and The Producer are relieved she got better and go on to recording their song. Once over, the Producer goes to praise Mami for her performance, calling her Ami as he noticed that they had switched places and that he can differentiate the both of them, unlike Yukiho and Yayoi. The next day, at the office, idols comment on the twins switching behavior, and are amazed at the fact that as they get to learn their own songs and choregraphies, they both know their twin's as well, which does not save them however, from Ritsuko who yells at them for switching places.

As Ryuuguu Komachi members are about to leave, while Ami tells her sister to catch up to her, she is approached by the Producer who whispers cheers to her knowing she is in fact Mami replacing her sick sister.

CHAPTER 9 - Miura Azusa 1

CHAPTER 10 - Miura Azusa 2

Volume 3

Front cover
Manga details
Original title: THE IDOLM@STER 3
Author: まな (Mana)
Pages: 164
Publication date: 04 August 2014
Publisher: Ichijinsha
ISBN: 978-4758064637 / 978-4758064644 (special edition)

CHAPTER 11 - Takatsuki Yayoi 1

CHAPTER 12 - Takatsuki Yayoi 2

CHAPTER 13 - Hagiwara Yukiho 1

CHAPTER 14 - Hagiwara Yukiho 2

CHAPTER 15 - Shijou Takane 1

Volume 4

Front cover
Manga details
Original title: THE IDOLM@STER 4
Author: まな (Mana)
Publication date: 27 March 2015
Publisher: Ichijinsha
ISBN: 978-4758064941

CHAPTER 16 - Shijou Takane 2

Volume 5

Front cover
Manga details
Original title: THE IDOLM@STER 5
Author: まな (Mana)
Publication date: 26 December 2015
Publisher: Ichijinsha
ISBN: 978-4758065597

Volume 6

Front cover
Manga details
Original title: THE IDOLM@STER 6
Author: まな (Mana)
Publication date: 26 December 2016
Publisher: Ichijinsha
ISBN: 978-4758066143 / 978-4758066150 (special edition)