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THE IDOLM@STER CINDERELLA GIRLS STARLIGHT MASTER is a series of CDs first released in 2016 and published by Columbia Music Entertainment. These CDs feature event original songs from the THE iDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls: Starlight Stage.

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The STARLIGHT MASTER series consists of event original songs in Starlight Stage from year zero (starting from Snow Wings) until year three (ending with Babel).
In addition to original event songs, each STARLIGHT MASTER album also contains additional songs such as new solo songs for existing CINDERELLA MASTER idols from the first batch up to ninth batch (that is, from 001 to 045), event versions of already-released songs (such as songs from 346Pro IDOL selection series), rearranges, remixes, or cover songs.
Original karaoke versions of songs (except remixes, covers, and certain already-released songs) are also included, as well as game-cut versions of event original songs.
The gap between an original event song's debut date in Starlight Stage and its eventual STARLIGHT MASTER release date is usually wide, varying from five months up to fifteen months, depending on the album.
The original STARLIGHT MASTER series stops at STARLIGHT MASTER 40 Babel, as more event original song albums under the STARLIGHT MASTER for the NEXT! branding continue to be released.


Starting from year four onwards (from TRUE COLORS), the STARLIGHT MASTER for the NEXT! series is a new approach on releasing an event original song as an album, separate from the original STARLIGHT MASTER branding.
Unlike STARLIGHT MASTER albums, each for the NEXT!-branded album only has one event original song and its respective solo remixes, the original karaoke version, and the game-cut version.
The gap between an original event song's debut date in Starlight Stage and its eventual for the NEXT! release date is also significantly narrower, usually a month or two after the event original song's debut. This gap is similar to the gap between Million Live! Theater Days event original song's debut date and its MILLION THE@TER GENERATION/WAVE release date.


The Starlight Stage x Yuzu collaboration original event song Mujuuryoku Shuttle was released under the STARLIGHT MASTER COLLABORATION! branding. The tracklist follows what for the NEXT! has to offer: the song itself, its solo remixes, the original karaoke, and the game-cut version.
It is currently unknown whether COLLABORATION! will become a separate album series for future Starlight Stage collaboration original songs, or a special STARLIGHT MASTER branding just for Mujuuryoku Shuttle.